Aj himur biye full PDF download – by humayon Ahmed

Aj himur biye is a part of himu series, and it is written by humayon Ahmed. On this book humayon describe about a marriage tragedy between himu and the other character renu.

Aj himur bia download full PDF book / eBook

Writer – humayon Ahmed
Published year – 2007
Book size – 8.7MB
Book type – Bangla novel

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Aj himur biye full PDF download
Aj himur biye full PDF download

Summary of the book – aj himur bia

Himu was an unmarried boy, who have less commonsense about current world. He like to think everything like natural. But everything become more complicate when he think it is simple. Once upon a time her aunt select a girl who is renu as a wife of himu. But on the same time renu does not loves himu. She loves a boy who are really addicted on drug.


On the mean time. Aunt called to himu and describe about the whole situation. As usual himu is a poor guy, who have only a 10 taka note on pocket. On the book aj himur bia, writer humayon perfectly described, how himu won renus heart. On this part on himu series, there two main character is himu and renu.

There it have some secret message about romantic feelings, reality, and poorness of life. Hope you will enjoy to reading the book. You can collect other PDF and eBook of humayon Ahmed from our website at free.


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