Kichu Shoishob by Humayun Ahmed – PDF and eBook download

Humayon ahmed describe her childhood on the book Kichu Shoishob. It is not only a book, but also a biography of humayon’s life. This is started from the childhood and there he explain about her student life, family life, personal life and professional life.


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Download Kichu Shoishob pdf and eBook free

Kichu Shoishob

Download Kichu Shoishob pdf and eBook free

Writer – humayon ahmed
Language – Bangla
Book size – 20 MB
Book type – biography / pdf and eBook.

Download from here.

Book summary – the book is mainly a biography of Humayun Ahmed. Here he describe her childhood life and how he was spend three life hood in poor situation. Her father was a freedom fighter of Bangladesh and he died on 1971 on war field. He write everything on this book even about her brother zafor Iqbal and her wives. Collect Kichu Shoishob PDF and eBook from our website now.

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