SSC result 2017 in Bangladesh (Update)

ssc-result-2017 bd

The SSC exam is the first biggest event of the exam in any examine life. This year it was complete on 14 march 2017. More than 1651523 students participated in this exam at a time from school and madrasah board of Bangladesh. After over the exam, all the teachers who check those exam papers, are complete to making result sheet. Now they keep time to finalize the result.

Breaking News:

SSC Result 2017

ssc-result-2017 bd


According to the notice on education board website in Bangladesh, the SSC result 2017 will published on 04 may, 2017. There are 3 different option to know SSC result faster.

  • Via internet
  • Via mobile SMS
  • From the school.

Get your SSC result 2017 from the internet

The result will be published on official website of education board Bangladesh after 12.0AM. Go to –

Or you can get the result before 12.00AM by using the form given below. Put here your SSC roll, Registration number, your board name and select 2017 as the year. If it does not work, try it again after 5 min.

Via mobile SMS –

After published the result on the official website, you can get your result shortly on you mobile phone by SMS notification. For turn on the system, type “SSC <space> First 3 Letters of Your Board <space> Roll Number <space> 2016” and send to 16222.

Example –
“SSC DHA 125156 2016” send >> 16222

Collect your result from your own school

The oldest and traditional system to collect SSC result from School campus. The result sheet will hang on school notice board at 12.10 PM. And the student can get their result easily.

How to count point grade of SSC exam
Here we present how to count your grade point according to mark distribution table. Don’t forget to check it.

Achieve mark Grade GP (grade point)
80-100 A+ 5
70-79 A 4
60-69 A- 3.5
50-59 B 3
40-49 C 2
33-39 D 1
0-32 F 0

There are few possibility to change the publishing the date of SSC result in Bangladesh 2017. But the difference of publishing date is not more then 2-3 days. To know the SSC result faster keep stay with our site.

SSC routine 2016 – for every board of Bangladesh

SSC routine 2016 – for every board of Bangladesh

The most people accepted feluda comics PDF books are now on your favorite site and it is totally free for you. In Bangla literature, Feluda is a character, who have detective power who can solve any mystery of crime. The talented writer from Kolkata named Satyajit Ray was write the series. After having lot of public crowd, writer and book production house decides that, make a comic version of feluda series.

Download Feluda comics book at PDF faster

Schoolboy and student of college are crazy to read the book on their handset. Download Feluda comics pdf is the solution. This is a type of crime detective story series. This will give the experience of real thrill. The hero of the series with glasses and folded foreheads will make a position on your humor. The type of delivery the main message writer to the audience is also awesome. If you are a student, you should be read this book.

SSC routine 2016 – for every board of Bangladesh

SSC routine 2016 – for every board of Bangladesh


There are a quote, that your student life lies if you don’t read comic book after hiding by the textbook. Hope you will get our collection by the loving book. And thanks for visit our Bangla PDF book collection.

FAQ 1: what kind of books is feluda comics?
Ans:  feluda comics is a famous serious. its a kind of book what are loving by children.

FAQ 2: what is the main context of the book?
Ans: The story what are written on feluda series are the main context of the book.

FAQ 3: why people are love to read the book?
Ans: Children under high school and primary school are loves to read the book for its colorful interface and catchy story cymbalta 20 mg.

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Dhaka attack movie, songs, trailer and story

Dhaka attack movie, songs, trailer and story

The Dhaka attack movie is about the smart police agency of Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh are used to with a police force who are interlinked with corruption. Those people have no sense that there is another smart police team in Bangladesh who have done there all of the work scientifically and with of smartness. The police family of Bangladesh is helping directly to make the film. On the Dhaka attack trailer people will show the most accepted Bangladeshi hero Arefin shove as a police inspector. ABM shumon and actress mahia mahi will also act here as co-actor of Arefin shuvo.

Dhaka attack full movie and story

The Dhaka attack movie has the main context that, making an awareness of the people who really have no idea how smart Bangladeshi police department now. More than 90% element like guns, dress-up, and action will really what was use at the time of the shooting. Dhaka metropolitan police are directly helping the shooting unit. It is true that it is the commercial movie. But there are not a single movie what was released before like Dhaka attack. It’s a totally different movie with the different story.  Not only entertaining people, they will make awareness on the people. Let’s talk about Dhaka attack story. The story was written by Sani Sarwar. He is a well-known young writer in Bangladesh nowadays. All script and dialogue are also written by Sani.  The film is about a team of the police officer and terrorist. There was a time when few terrorist makes a trap about blasting bomb on the city Dhaka. By anyhow DMP (Dhaka metropolitan police) got the news and they are starting their mission to rescue the citizen. Hero Arefin shuvo is an anti-bomb squad specialist. At the final time of the movie, you will see how they arrest that terrorist. Here mahia mahi act as a crime journalist.

Dhaka attack movie, songs, trailer and story

Dhaka attack movie, songs, trailer and story

Star cast: Dhaka attack film will release from the most Bangladeshi popular banner tiger media limited. The producer of the movie Mohammad Ali Haidar. And the director is the Diponkor Dipon. At the same article, we tell you before that Sani Sarwar is the script and story writer. Most Bangladeshi famous actor Arefin shuvo and ABM shumon are acted on the lead character. As a heroin, you will watch the mahia mahi. Without this there is few real police member of Bangladesh police force are also acting on the film. Actually, this is the interesting point of the whole discussion.

Few Similar:

Dhaka attack movie songs full free

At the culture of the Bangladeshi and Indian movie, songs are a compulsory part. All song of this movie is composed by Adit. Here I want to add few thing. That Adit is one of the popular musicians in Bangladesh. Lots of popular musics are produced by this talented artist. Before this film, he was composing music for Arefin shuvo’s another film Agni. Without Adit, Arindam Chatterjee, and DJ Rahat also works for making music for the move Dhaka attack. By anyhow there published a rumor that Indian singer Arijit sing will also keep participate to sing a song here. Let’s see what will happen.

Dhaka attack trailer and release date

In the min time, there was a Dhaka attack trailer was released on YouTube a few days ago. The length of the trailer of is 1.03 min. but the small video gain lots of praise at the quick time. From the focus of, the cinematography of the trailer is really awesome. The color, lighting are really outstanding. People are also giving the positive review for this. The final trailer will release soon. But the Dhaka attack movie will release soon at 17-03-2016. The total team started their work for the movie from the ending time of 2015. Hope it will be able to make the different image of Bangladesh police force to people. Here an additional information is, this is the third movie of Shuvo and Mahi combination.

Conclusion: Bangla cinema was lost her own flow lots of days ago. Hope movie like Dhaka attack will make another golden period of this history. On behalf of our website, we wish all the best for the film. And don’t forget to enjoy Bijoy dibosh.

Bijoy dibosh er kobita and movie review

Bijoy dibosh er kobita and movie review

During Bijoy dibosh of Bangladesh at 16 December, we feel the Bengali soul at our mind. That’s why we are looking for Bijoy dibosh er kobita to practice and Recital on the hall. From my focus, it is also important to save the respect to respect on our nation. Keep some focus on BDCircularline webpage now. Because we have your desire poem list and movie review. Here we give you the Bijoy dibosh er kobita list at free. As an additional gift here you will have Bijoy dibosh movie review. Stay reading.

Bijoy dibosh er kobita list and review

Bijoy dibosh er kobita is important for practice and keep the feeling of victory in our mind. Here you will get your desire two different poems or kobita about Bijoy dibosh. One of the poems is written by Kazi nozrul Islam. Another one is written by Kohinoor. Kazi Nazrul is one of the greatest Bangla poets. He has a large contribution to make rich the Bangla culture. He wrote a lot of poem and song. In face there are lots of people accepted story are also written by the legend people. Lots of article of Nazrul have inspired our freedom fighter during the time of war. And it helps to gain the Bijoy dish. On another side, Kohinoor is a new women writer on Bangladesh. She was trying to write a kobita about Bijoy dibosh. Here we add that poem below.

Bijoy dibosh er kobita and movie review

Bijoy dibosh er kobita and movie review

Bijoy dibosh movie name and suggested list

During 1971, before gaining Bijoy dibosh all those tragedy and part of history are inspire our director to make the movie. After that there directors are makes lots of movies what are related to the war of victory in Bangladesh. Here we give 5 movie name what are really heart touchy and it will inspire out next generation to do something for our nation.

Aguner poroshmoni

Date of release: 1994
Director: Humayun Ahmed
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Actor/ actress: Abool Hayat, Bipasha Hayat, Asadujjaman Nur and other.

Hangor Nodi Grenade

Date of release: 1997
Director: Chasi nozrul Islam
Writer: Shafiqur Rahman
Actor/ actress: Aruna Biswas, Sohel Rana and other

Shyamol Chhaya

Date of release: 2004
Director: Humayun Ahmed
Writer: Humayun Ahmed
Actor/ actress: Afroz Shaon, Riaz, Sadhin Khosru and other.


Date of release: 2011
Director: Nasiruddin Yousuff
Writer: Syed Shamsul Haque
Actor/ actress: Joya Ahsan, Ferdous Ahmed, Shampa Reza and other.

Amar Bondhu Rashed

Date of release: 2011
Director: Morshedul Islam
Writer: Muhammed Zafar Iqbal
Actor/ actress: Chowdhury Zawata Afnan, Rayan Ibtesham Chowdhury and other.

So hello. This is our Bijoy dibosh er kobita collection and movie list. Hope you will like it. If possible watch this movie with your family great site. And hopefully, you will like that poem.

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Best Bangla Islamic book download at pdf format

Best Bangla Islamic book download at pdf format

Most of the people of Bangladesh are Muslim. More than 80% people are following the religion. So Bangla Islamic book is important here. People here are love to read books on pdf and eBook format. That’s why are present those books on PDF and eBook. You can download your desire your book from our website without any charge. Those books are about the speech of Islam. Hope after reading those books, you will be happy.

Bangla Islamic book downloads list and details

Best Bangla Islamic book download at pdf format

Best Bangla Islamic book download at pdf format

Bukharin Sharif: download Bangla Bukharin Sharif pdf on our website at free. This is the largest hades collection. Now it is in Bangla language.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10

khudbatul ahkam: This is another important Islamic book. Most of Muslims are looking for khudbatul ahkam pdf on the internet. maulana Mohammad Yunus is the writer of the book. Check the book and download


Shat juboker golpo: the book is about 7 young boy. All those boys are Muslim. On the book, writer is described few Islamic history. Hope you will like the book shat juboker golpo pdf book.


mishkat ul anwar: This book is written the famous wise person imam gazzali. Download your desire mishkat ul anwar pdf from our site at free.


Tabling o Jamat: this is the most common matter in Islam nowadays “tabling and jamat”. The writer of the book is maulana monjur Nomani. He describes the all of the point of tabling and Jamat pdf book. Collect to book from below.


Hope you will keep the focus on those things

  • Read Islamic Bangla book regularly. It will expand your Islamic knowledge.
  • All those books are free here. Please don’t sell the book anywhere at money.
  • Please share the link on Facebook and other social media. It will help your friend to know about Islam.
  • And you can save this link on your website. Because we regularly update our post and give more pdf books.

Whatever, stay with Islam and practice with Islam. May Allah bless you all. Assalamu alaikum.

Program of 16 December to celebrate the victory day of Bangladesh

Program of 16 December to celebrate the victory day of Bangladesh

After a year, the 16 December are coming back. As we know it is the victory day of Bangladesh. At 1971 at the day Bangladesh was free from Pakistan after a war of 9 months. Now a day this day is the of biggest event in our country. From the family of bdcircularline, wish you happy victory day. In this article, we are going to share you the 16th December related cultural program and another program schedule here. Official information is also added. Hope it will help you.

Program of 16 December – cultural, media and official

Program of 16 December to celebrate the victory day of Bangladesh

Program of 16 December to celebrate the victory day of Bangladesh

National holiday- the day of victory is the government holiday. On the day the government of Bangladesh was announced holiday. All school, college even office will be closed. In fact, the non-government office will be closed. But hospital and booth of the bank is the exception of this.

Cultural program- there are lots of cultural programs will be arranged over the country. Most of school and college will throw the program. competition like art, article writing or singing will be offered by the various organization. Chayanot, shisu academy, and Dhaka University are familiar with them.

Victory at the jail- at the time of 16 December, on the jail, Bangladesh police will arrange few facility. On the day, there will available better food. Like fish, flesh, milk, sweet and other. Few cultural program will be held. And the jailer will be premised to watching TV.

The program at parliament- all Member of Parliament will be invited by the president. There will present few program and a get-together. On the program, the prime minister also will attend. Prime minister will share her 16 December wish with all of MP.

TV program- All of the TV channel and radio station of Bangladesh will broadcast the special movie, Natok and another program to celebrate the date. In face newspaper and other media will also feature special thing. At all news, everywhere will feature the news.

Special offer- mobile phone operator and other regular companies will offers a lot of premium offer on the day. It is the most amazing way to celebrate the victory at the era of digital.

Here we present lots of program schedule of 16 December celebration. Hope you will have a better day. Happy victory day.

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Mohan Bijoy dibosh is a glorious day In the history of Bangladesh. This is called 16 December Bangladesh. In English, it is the victory day of Bangladesh. More than 40 years ago, in the day, Bangladesh was free from Pakistan. You can call it the birthday on Bangladesh. Behind the history of victory, there is bloody war what was remain 9 months. More than 30 lakhs peoples have sacrificed their life. The more than lakhs of warriors, devastated memories are the witness of the history. Now people can celebrate the pohela boishakh just because of this happiness. The day of victory has coming back after a year. On the day we are going to wish everyone for Mohan Bijoy dibosh Bangladesh. Hope you will get a Malleable 16 December on the year. The sense of victory will teach you the Nationalism and love. In the season we the BDcirrularline family are going to present the history of victory SMS, photos, and wallpapers.

History of Bijoy dibosh 1971 – genesis of 16 December

We divide the history of Bijoy dibosh Bangladesh on three different part. Those parts are described below.

 The time of partition: Before open 16 December history, Let’s going back to 1945. On the time there are no Bangladesh. The total land of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India was called great India. People of here are regimens by the British. Before left the India, the British was decided to serenade the country. Few leaders of here made the defense against the decision. But the defense was ineffectual. At 1947 the country was divided two different part. One is Hindustan another is now Pakistan.

 Convulsion for language:  there is two part of Pakistan. But the funny matter was there is no land connection between two countries. Even there are different language are also in two countries. We were Bengali and Bangla was our language. But the Pakistani government was said, “Bangla will be forbidden and Urdu will the national language”. In fact president of Pakistan was, said: “Urdu and Urdu will be the mandatory and national language”. After the brief, country lover Bangladeshi people are starting turmoil. people are still are not read for 16 December or victory. At the time 21 February of 1952, more than hundred peoples was kills for the reason.

 War of ’71: The time of 26 march Bangladesh is coming soon. After having a lot of logic, Pakistan government did not agree to give we own system. In fact, the political team of Bangabandhu sheik mujibur Rahman (Awami Muslim league) won with a lot of votes. But the Tyrant Pakistani government ignore it. Even they are starts Persecution on every sector like banking, education even another important place. They also torture and kills people here without any reason.

It 16 December now and I am saying about 25 march of 1971. The cruel Pakistani army killed more than 25 thousand talented Bengali people in a night. After over the limit of tolerance, major Zia has announced the brief of freedom fight. And yes, it was the way of our victory. And finally, we gain the victory 16th of December at the same year.

After all the long journey, now we are Bangladesh and now we are free. We have own langue and nationality. Now a day 16 December are going to be part of our culture. On the day on TV channels are broadcast special program and movie. Even after keeping the respect of Mohan Bijoy dibosh memory, school and colleges are also celebrate special program. And importantly is a national holiday on Bangladesh as well as.

All Bijoy Dibosh picture, wallpaper and images

After reading Victory day of Bangladesh paragraph this to time to share wallpaper. Now a day, Facebook is an important social media in Bangladesh like another country. The young generation of the land is love to arrange own profile according to the color of Bijoy dibosh wallpapers. For that reason, we present you wallpapers, images, and photos for you. Hope you will like it.

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Collection of Bijoy dibosh SMS and messages

Get Bijoy dibosh sms collection here. On 16 December Wish anyone by SMS is a trend now. As a Bengali, you should with your closest person the victory. The pleasure and the sense of victory will transfer generation to generation by that activity. Don’t forget that, if we will don’t feed better the 16 December memory, then we will lose the connection from our root. So it is important to share your feeling about the memory on Facebook or mobile SMS. For your favor, we have a collection of Facebook status and SMS idea.

# Victory on my mind, victory on my heart, victory on my way. Free me, free you, and free Bangladesh. Happy victory day.

# Ways are going to be high. Day by day we become larger and sharper. With a very good luck to all Bangladeshi hearts.

# Ami tumi shobai manush. Shobar porichoy ache. Desh ache shobar upore. Desh chara k bache?

# check the Meaning of 1971. 1 fight for freedom. 9-month long war. 7 national hero. As a result of 1 free country. Happy 16 December

# Someday are Sunday, Someday are Monday, But it Is the different Day. The victory Day!


# Sadhinota amar mone, ache onek ohongkar. Sadhin akase bolchi az, valo howk shobar.

Few information about the 16 December and Bijoy disboh

Sorry to say Shadhinota dibosh Bangladesh is not 16 December. 26th march is the day. Get few knowledge from below like that.

1. At the time of 1972, in Bangladesh, the day was first to celebrate. On the time Sheik mujubur Rahman was the president of Bangladesh.
2. The day is a government holiday in Bangladesh. Most of the corporate offices are announce few offer and attractive chance to share the happiness of victory with all of the people.
3. At 1971 Bangladesh become free before the 16 December. But Pakistani army was given written witness to Indian army at the day.
4. Few country is saying that they make free from Pakistan. It’s simply jokes. How they make us free? Seriously, it is funny to think that they make us free. At 1971, there is no direct helping hand with us before 3rd of December. At 3rd of the December, the Indian army has interfered in the war and they help us. After 13 days we become fully free. For the 13 days, no one can’t say, that they make us free. They just help us on the war.

16 December impact on our national life

  • The inspiration

People are looking for bijoy dibosh picture because,there are a lot of impact of the day have on our national life. This is the event to express the feeling to our martyred of 1971. This also inspires our next generation to do something for the own country. The inspiration is valuable. And it will be never possible if we never celebrate 16 December.

  • Freedom fighter family

16 December also reminds us to help those family who helped Bangladesh at the time of liberation war. Most of those family are now suffering by the bad day. It bear the sense to helps freedom fighter family whole year long.

  • Lesson to be good human

If we do not help those family and persons, we become a nation of the betrayer. And it is true that a nation of betrayer will never progress really. because they always are deprived of the lesson of honesty.

At the time of conclusion, Mohan Bijoy dibosh is the most important part in Bangladesh history. Without the date on 1971, we cannot get the victory today. It is too much important to remind the history of Bijoy dibosh whole the year. The practice should be started from family, school and another important part of society. It is true that Bangladesh is not a rich country. But if everyone works jointly after keeping the respect of victory, then people of here will must able to change their luck. Wish you all a happy victory day of Bangladesh.

Trust bank job circular and minimum criteria of applicant

Trust bank job circular and minimum criteria of applicant

There are few well-known non-government or privet bank in Bangladesh. The trust bank is one of them. They always try to provide better service to their client at more than 60 different brunches. For a reason, the company decides to appoint few officer and trainer. At the same token, they published job criteria and circular of trust bank on newspaper. In this article, we are going to discuss the trust bank job circular apply and another minimum requirement to the application.

Trust bank job circular and minimum requirement for application

Trust bank job circular and minimum criteria of applicant

Trust bank job circular and minimum criteria of applicant

According to the past four-year history, the bank (trust bank) release their job circular on February and the appointing was over before March. Most of the time they post their circular for Manager Trainee Officer (MTO) post. Here I give minimum quality to apply for the job.

  • Education background: Minimum GPA-5.0 on both board exam (SSC and HSC). Diploma is not graded. Four years lengthy Masters Course and minimum CGPA- 3.00 out of 4 are needed.
  • Age and nationality: The age of the candidate must be less than 30 years. And none of non-Bangladeshi can apply for trust bank job. Student of Masters is also unable to apply here.
  • Important papers to interview: candidate must be carried few papers when he has invited for the job interview. Two copy passport size photo, mark sheet of SSC and HSC, certificate of masters.
  • Offered salary: The trust bank authority will offer to their MTO officer 41,000 taka at starting time. And the salary will increase in future after his show her productivity for the bank. MTO is a first class officer of this bank, and he can enjoy all kind of facility.

Procedure to application for trust bank job:

Simple procedure. At the season of appointment, the bank will publish a form on online. The form will be linked with trust bank job circular detail. Check our website regular to get the faster update of the circular.

So, fill up the form with a validate email and newly captured image. After reviewing your online application, the interview board will call you to meet with them. After the meeting, if they think that you are the perfect one for the post, then they will appoint you. In the meantime, you can check the Shonali bank job circular here.

SEO Bangla pdf and eBook | Search engine optimization learning

SEO Bangla pdf and eBook Search engine optimization learning

Welcome again to website. In this episode, we are going to share you an eBook about SEO Bangla PDF full free. SEO is a process that how a website ranked on Google search engine for any keyword. The civilization of earning money in Bangladesh are become faster now a day. Most of the people especially students are likes to move to the internet to making money faster. Search engine optimization is one of them most popular way in Bangladesh.

So, here we present the Bangla PDF book for those people who are want to learn SEO. In this book writes to describe the primary to advance terms of this job. The writer mizanur rohoman gather all her knowledge and experience of her professional life in the book.

Download eBook of SEO Bangla PDF full free

SEO Bangla pdf and eBook Search engine optimization learning

SEO Bangla pdf and eBook Search engine optimization learning

file size (7MB) pricing(full free)
mizanur rohoman (writer) platform (PDF and eBook)
SEO bangla PDF (book name) full book (lenth)

Download the book

In this book, the writer discusses the practical SEO training and technique. The benefit of SEO and what does you can gain from SEO. All other necessary things are also included in the book. All important part of this work like on-page, off the page, black hat, white hat are discussed in the book. You can read the book on your computer, mobile or other eBook or PDF supported device.

Additional information: after reading the book, you will not be an expert on the topic. It is important to practice correctly and regular. Why don’t you try to the free platform like Blogger or WordPress for practice? After reading the SEO Bangla PDF of eBook your practice and experiment make you more perfect. By the way, do you like a movie? Check Zulfiqar movie review of any other thing on our website at full free. And hope you will enjoy our book collection.

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