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  • Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

বিডি সার্কুলার লাইন

প্রকাশ : November 19, 2016, 11:42 am
Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Mohan Bijoy dibosh is a glorious day In the history of Bangladesh. This is called 16 December Bangladesh. In English, it is the victory day of Bangladesh. More than 40 years ago, in the day, Bangladesh was free from Pakistan. You can call it the birthday on Bangladesh. Behind the history of victory, there is bloody war what was remain 9 months. More than 30 lakhs peoples have sacrificed their life. The more than lakhs of warriors, devastated memories are the witness of the history. Now people can celebrate the pohela boishakh just because of this happiness. The day of victory has coming back after a year. On the day we are going to wish everyone for Mohan Bijoy dibosh Bangladesh. Hope you will get a Malleable 16 December on the year. The sense of victory will teach you the Nationalism and love. In the season we the BDcirrularline family are going to present the history of victory SMS, photos, and wallpapers.

History of Bijoy dibosh 1971 – genesis of 16 December

We divide the history of Bijoy dibosh Bangladesh on three different part. Those parts are described below.

 The time of partition: Before open 16 December history, Let’s going back to 1945. On the time there are no Bangladesh. The total land of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India was called great India. People of here are regimens by the British. Before left the India, the British was decided to serenade the country. Few leaders of here made the defense against the decision. But the defense was ineffectual. At 1947 the country was divided two different part. One is Hindustan another is now Pakistan.

 Convulsion for language:  there is two part of Pakistan. But the funny matter was there is no land connection between two countries. Even there are different language are also in two countries. We were Bengali and Bangla was our language. But the Pakistani government was said, “Bangla will be forbidden and Urdu will the national language”. In fact president of Pakistan was, said: “Urdu and Urdu will be the mandatory and national language”. After the brief, country lover Bangladeshi people are starting turmoil. people are still are not read for 16 December or victory. At the time 21 February of 1952, more than hundred peoples was kills for the reason.

 War of ’71: The time of 26 march Bangladesh is coming soon. After having a lot of logic, Pakistan government did not agree to give we own system. In fact, the political team of Bangabandhu sheik mujibur Rahman (Awami Muslim league) won with a lot of votes. But the Tyrant Pakistani government ignore it. Even they are starts Persecution on every sector like banking, education even another important place. They also torture and kills people here without any reason.

It 16 December now and I am saying about 25 march of 1971. The cruel Pakistani army killed more than 25 thousand talented Bengali people in a night. After over the limit of tolerance, major Zia has announced the brief of freedom fight. And yes, it was the way of our victory. And finally, we gain the victory 16th of December at the same year.

After all the long journey, now we are Bangladesh and now we are free. We have own langue and nationality. Now a day 16 December are going to be part of our culture. On the day on TV channels are broadcast special program and movie. Even after keeping the respect of Mohan Bijoy dibosh memory, school and colleges are also celebrate special program. And importantly is a national holiday on Bangladesh as well as.

All Bijoy Dibosh picture, wallpaper and images

After reading Victory day of Bangladesh paragraph this to time to share wallpaper. Now a day, Facebook is an important social media in Bangladesh like another country. The young generation of the land is love to arrange own profile according to the color of Bijoy dibosh wallpapers. For that reason, we present you wallpapers, images, and photos for you. Hope you will like it.

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Collection of Bijoy dibosh SMS and messages

Get Bijoy dibosh sms collection here. On 16 December Wish anyone by SMS is a trend now. As a Bengali, you should with your closest person the victory. The pleasure and the sense of victory will transfer generation to generation by that activity. Don’t forget that, if we will don’t feed better the 16 December memory, then we will lose the connection from our root. So it is important to share your feeling about the memory on Facebook or mobile SMS. For your favor, we have a collection of Facebook status and SMS idea.

# Victory on my mind, victory on my heart, victory on my way. Free me, free you, and free Bangladesh. Happy victory day.

# Ways are going to be high. Day by day we become larger and sharper. With a very good luck to all Bangladeshi hearts.

# Ami tumi shobai manush. Shobar porichoy ache. Desh ache shobar upore. Desh chara k bache?

# check the Meaning of 1971. 1 fight for freedom. 9-month long war. 7 national hero. As a result of 1 free country. Happy 16 December

# Someday are Sunday, Someday are Monday, But it Is the different Day. The victory Day!


# Sadhinota amar mone, ache onek ohongkar. Sadhin akase bolchi az, valo howk shobar.

Few information about the 16 December and Bijoy disboh

Sorry to say Shadhinota dibosh Bangladesh is not 16 December. 26th march is the day. Get few knowledge from below like that.

1. At the time of 1972, in Bangladesh, the day was first to celebrate. On the time Sheik mujubur Rahman was the president of Bangladesh.
2. The day is a government holiday in Bangladesh. Most of the corporate offices are announce few offer and attractive chance to share the happiness of victory with all of the people.
3. At 1971 Bangladesh become free before the 16 December. But Pakistani army was given written witness to Indian army at the day.
4. Few country is saying that they make free from Pakistan. It’s simply jokes. How they make us free? Seriously, it is funny to think that they make us free. At 1971, there is no direct helping hand with us before 3rd of December. At 3rd of the December, the Indian army has interfered in the war and they help us. After 13 days we become fully free. For the 13 days, no one can’t say, that they make us free. They just help us on the war.

16 December impact on our national life

  • The inspiration

People are looking for bijoy dibosh picture because,there are a lot of impact of the day have on our national life. This is the event to express the feeling to our martyred of 1971. This also inspires our next generation to do something for the own country. The inspiration is valuable. And it will be never possible if we never celebrate 16 December.

  • Freedom fighter family

16 December also reminds us to help those family who helped Bangladesh at the time of liberation war. Most of those family are now suffering by the bad day. It bear the sense to helps freedom fighter family whole year long.

  • Lesson to be good human

If we do not help those family and persons, we become a nation of the betrayer. And it is true that a nation of betrayer will never progress really. because they always are deprived of the lesson of honesty.

At the time of conclusion, Mohan Bijoy dibosh is the most important part in Bangladesh history. Without the date on 1971, we cannot get the victory today. It is too much important to remind the history of Bijoy dibosh whole the year. The practice should be started from family, school and another important part of society. It is true that Bangladesh is not a rich country. But if everyone works jointly after keeping the respect of victory, then people of here will must able to change their luck. Wish you all a happy victory day of Bangladesh.