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Program of 16 December to celebrate the victory day of Bangladesh

Program of 16 December to celebrate the victory day of Bangladesh

After a year, the 16 December are coming back. As we know it is the victory day of Bangladesh. At 1971 at the day Bangladesh was free from Pakistan after a war of 9 months. Now a day this day is the of biggest event in our country. From the family of bdcircularline, wish you happy victory day. In this article, we are going to share you the 16th December related cultural program and another program schedule here. Official information is also added. Hope it will help you.

Program of 16 December – cultural, media and official

Program of 16 December to celebrate the victory day of Bangladesh

Program of 16 December to celebrate the victory day of Bangladesh

National holiday- the day of victory is the government holiday. On the day the government of Bangladesh was announced holiday. All school, college even office will be closed. In fact, the non-government office will be closed. But hospital and booth of the bank is the exception of this.

Cultural program- there are lots of cultural programs will be arranged over the country. Most of school and college will throw the program. competition like art, article writing or singing will be offered by the various organization. Chayanot, shisu academy, and Dhaka University are familiar with them.

Victory at the jail- at the time of 16 December, on the jail, Bangladesh police will arrange few facility. On the day, there will available better food. Like fish, flesh, milk, sweet and other. Few cultural program will be held. And the jailer will be premised to watching TV.

The program at parliament- all Member of Parliament will be invited by the president. There will present few program and a get-together. On the program, the prime minister also will attend. Prime minister will share her 16 December wish with all of MP.

TV program- All of the TV channel and radio station of Bangladesh will broadcast the special movie, Natok and another program to celebrate the date. In face newspaper and other media will also feature special thing. At all news, everywhere will feature the news.

Special offer- mobile phone operator and other regular companies will offers a lot of premium offer on the day. It is the most amazing way to celebrate the victory at the era of digital.

Here we present lots of program schedule of 16 December celebration. Hope you will have a better day. Happy victory day.

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Mohan Bijoy dibosh is a glorious day In the history of Bangladesh. This is called 16 December Bangladesh. In English, it is the victory day of Bangladesh. More than 40 years ago, in the day, Bangladesh was free from Pakistan. You can call it the birthday on Bangladesh. Behind the history of victory, there is bloody war what was remain 9 months. More than 30 lakhs peoples have sacrificed their life. The more than lakhs of warriors, devastated memories are the witness of the history. Now people can celebrate the pohela boishakh just because of this happiness. The day of victory has coming back after a year. On the day we are going to wish everyone for Mohan Bijoy dibosh Bangladesh. Hope you will get a Malleable 16 December on the year. The sense of victory will teach you the Nationalism and love. In the season we the BDcirrularline family are going to present the history of victory SMS, photos, and wallpapers.

History of Bijoy dibosh 1971 – genesis of 16 December

We divide the history of Bijoy dibosh Bangladesh on three different part. Those parts are described below.

 The time of partition: Before open 16 December history, Let’s going back to 1945. On the time there are no Bangladesh. The total land of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India was called great India. People of here are regimens by the British. Before left the India, the British was decided to serenade the country. Few leaders of here made the defense against the decision. But the defense was ineffectual. At 1947 the country was divided two different part. One is Hindustan another is now Pakistan.

 Convulsion for language:  there is two part of Pakistan. But the funny matter was there is no land connection between two countries. Even there are different language are also in two countries. We were Bengali and Bangla was our language. But the Pakistani government was said, “Bangla will be forbidden and Urdu will the national language”. In fact president of Pakistan was, said: “Urdu and Urdu will be the mandatory and national language”. After the brief, country lover Bangladeshi people are starting turmoil. people are still are not read for 16 December or victory. At the time 21 February of 1952, more than hundred peoples was kills for the reason.

 War of ’71: The time of 26 march Bangladesh is coming soon. After having a lot of logic, Pakistan government did not agree to give we own system. In fact, the political team of Bangabandhu sheik mujibur Rahman (Awami Muslim league) won with a lot of votes. But the Tyrant Pakistani government ignore it. Even they are starts Persecution on every sector like banking, education even another important place. They also torture and kills people here without any reason.

It 16 December now and I am saying about 25 march of 1971. The cruel Pakistani army killed more than 25 thousand talented Bengali people in a night. After over the limit of tolerance, major Zia has announced the brief of freedom fight. And yes, it was the way of our victory. And finally, we gain the victory 16th of December at the same year.

After all the long journey, now we are Bangladesh and now we are free. We have own langue and nationality. Now a day 16 December are going to be part of our culture. On the day on TV channels are broadcast special program and movie. Even after keeping the respect of Mohan Bijoy dibosh memory, school and colleges are also celebrate special program. And importantly is a national holiday on Bangladesh as well as.

All Bijoy Dibosh picture, wallpaper and images

After reading Victory day of Bangladesh paragraph this to time to share wallpaper. Now a day, Facebook is an important social media in Bangladesh like another country. The young generation of the land is love to arrange own profile according to the color of Bijoy dibosh wallpapers. For that reason, we present you wallpapers, images, and photos for you. Hope you will like it.

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Mohan Bijoy dibosh 16 December – The day of victory

Collection of Bijoy dibosh SMS and messages

Get Bijoy dibosh sms collection here. On 16 December Wish anyone by SMS is a trend now. As a Bengali, you should with your closest person the victory. The pleasure and the sense of victory will transfer generation to generation by that activity. Don’t forget that, if we will don’t feed better the 16 December memory, then we will lose the connection from our root. So it is important to share your feeling about the memory on Facebook or mobile SMS. For your favor, we have a collection of Facebook status and SMS idea.

# Victory on my mind, victory on my heart, victory on my way. Free me, free you, and free Bangladesh. Happy victory day.

# Ways are going to be high. Day by day we become larger and sharper. With a very good luck to all Bangladeshi hearts.

# Ami tumi shobai manush. Shobar porichoy ache. Desh ache shobar upore. Desh chara k bache?

# check the Meaning of 1971. 1 fight for freedom. 9-month long war. 7 national hero. As a result of 1 free country. Happy 16 December

# Someday are Sunday, Someday are Monday, But it Is the different Day. The victory Day!


# Sadhinota amar mone, ache onek ohongkar. Sadhin akase bolchi az, valo howk shobar.

Few information about the 16 December and Bijoy disboh

Sorry to say Shadhinota dibosh Bangladesh is not 16 December. 26th march is the day. Get few knowledge from below like that.

1. At the time of 1972, in Bangladesh, the day was first to celebrate. On the time Sheik mujubur Rahman was the president of Bangladesh.
2. The day is a government holiday in Bangladesh. Most of the corporate offices are announce few offer and attractive chance to share the happiness of victory with all of the people.
3. At 1971 Bangladesh become free before the 16 December. But Pakistani army was given written witness to Indian army at the day.
4. Few country is saying that they make free from Pakistan. It’s simply jokes. How they make us free? Seriously, it is funny to think that they make us free. At 1971, there is no direct helping hand with us before 3rd of December. At 3rd of the December, the Indian army has interfered in the war and they help us. After 13 days we become fully free. For the 13 days, no one can’t say, that they make us free. They just help us on the war.

16 December impact on our national life

  • The inspiration

People are looking for bijoy dibosh picture because,there are a lot of impact of the day have on our national life. This is the event to express the feeling to our martyred of 1971. This also inspires our next generation to do something for the own country. The inspiration is valuable. And it will be never possible if we never celebrate 16 December.

  • Freedom fighter family

16 December also reminds us to help those family who helped Bangladesh at the time of liberation war. Most of those family are now suffering by the bad day. It bear the sense to helps freedom fighter family whole year long.

  • Lesson to be good human

If we do not help those family and persons, we become a nation of the betrayer. And it is true that a nation of betrayer will never progress really. because they always are deprived of the lesson of honesty.

At the time of conclusion, Mohan Bijoy dibosh is the most important part in Bangladesh history. Without the date on 1971, we cannot get the victory today. It is too much important to remind the history of Bijoy dibosh whole the year. The practice should be started from family, school and another important part of society. It is true that Bangladesh is not a rich country. But if everyone works jointly after keeping the respect of victory, then people of here will must able to change their luck. Wish you all a happy victory day of Bangladesh.

Best Bangla SMS collection ever free download

Best Bangla SMS collection ever free download

Sending SMS in Bangla is not a new trend in the friend society in Bangladesh. So People are looking for Bangla SMS for sending to her lover, friend, family or make the status on Facebook. At this case, they are looking for good night SMS, Bangla love SMS or birthday/ marriage SMS in Bangla.

On another side, they need the Bangla SMS collection in the various festival. As a result, that time they are looking for EID SMS, Puja SMS or Diwali related SMS. In our collection there we have more than 100 best SMS, and that’s are we given below. In addition, all those ideas or text SMS are entirely free, and the user can use those things at any time.

Top Bangla SMS collection list

Here we give all SMS (short message service) in step by step. That will help you to find out the perfect and suitable SMS. Check all of them are below.

Best Bangla SMS collection ever free download

Best Bangla SMS collection ever free download

Friendship SMS:

First of all those SMS are important to send from one friend to another friend in any day like friendship day or birthday. There we also give some Friendship SMS in Bangla language, what will benefit to people send and wish to their friend.

  • Praner cheye priyo tome bhondu amaar , hajar bochor beche robe bhondutto dujonar
  • Majhe Majhe Akasher Chad Lukiye Jay Megher oi vaje. Kichu Shopno to bheshe Jay Shagor ar Jole. Kichu Sriti Pushe Rakhi Moner Ogochore. Kew bhalobeshe Chole Jai Dure But bhonduTake Jay Hridoyer Majhe.
  • ekta Jibon mane ekta golpo, ekta Mon mane ekta bhalobashar Mondir, ekta Prem mane ekta Sonali Sowpno, ekta Milon mane ekta Shukher Shorgo, R ekta bhalo bhondu holo beche Thakar perona
  • Jibon here Jay mrittur Kache”Shuk harieye Jay dukh er kache “bhalobasha Here Jay Ovinoy er Kache” tobe bhonduttho Here Jay Na Karor i Kache!
  • bhondutto Holo Adharer Majhe Jolonto Mombatir Moto Je Nije Jhole bhondu Ke Poth Dekhai
  • bhalobasha Holo shei akaash ja hotat Alokito Abar hotat amaborsha adhaar. Ar bhondu Holo Sey Akash Je Akashe Chad Tarar Khela Diba Nishi Raat
  • A Badhon Jabe Na Kono Din Chire. A Badhon Roye Jabe Jhug Jhug Dhore. A Badhon Jabe Na Kono Din Vhula. Karon A Badhon Je Bhondutther Sriti Diye Ghira.
  • Nil Akasher Pakhi tome Sure Sure Dako, bhondu Hoye Sara Jibon Moner Vitor Thako. K Bolece tome Dure, tome Acho HRidoy Jure, Kolponar oi ochinpure.
  • jaanalay dariye dokhin hawa jhiri jhiri dakche, Hotath darun bhalo lagche. Mayabi hawa bolna giye kane kane, Amaar prio bhondu-take miss korchi proti-khone
  • bhondu tumi amaar mon bujho, tobe moner majhe amai rakho, ei cokher dike aktu takaou, cokh bolbe ekta kothay, hridoy sonabi gaan, bhondu tume sudhu amaar jaan.

Romantic Love SMS in Bangla:

Love is the great and universal side of human life. The people who want to sends the lovely quote or little romantic poem to their loving person, for those people we give few beautiful Bangla SMS. Not only Valentine day but can people also use those SMS to their boyfriend or girlfriend those SMS in any day or at their birthday.

  • Jotoi Dekhi Bhalo Lage, Chokh Shore Na. Tumar Theke Dore Gale, Mon Mane Na. Ato Bhalobashi Tumay, Tumi Bujho na
  • Sopner Suru 2make Diye! Bhalo lagar prothom muhurto gulo 2mak Niye! Nistobdo Rat Kate tomaar Kotha Vebe! Tai Hoyto A Moner Sob “Bhalobasha 2my Ghire”.
  • Kon Rongeri Chuai Tui Bhule asish amai,Ajo Ami Eka Asi Sudhu Tor Asai,Shopno Amaar Duti Cokhe Toke Sudhu Ghire,Kemon Kore Thakisre Tui Amake Bhule.
  • ami Chad Caina,Se Utbe Rate.Ami Rat Caina,Se Harabe Probhate. Ami Fool Chaina, karon Se Jorbe Diner Seshe. Cai ekta shundhor mon, Je Kochono Bhulbe na amak.
  • Cokher Osru Ke Hira Baniye Dey Bhalobasa. Kosto Ke Santona Dey Bhalobasa. Jokhon Beche Thakar Kono Obolombon Na Thake Tokhon Moron Ke- Jibon Baniye Day Bhalobasa.That Is True Love.Am I Right?
  • Jethay Surjo chole Jai Raat Ase chader Alote Jochona Hashe.Shei Jochonar Alote Dariye achi Tumi Ami Khub Kacha Kachi Aazker Ei Shomoy Bole Dei Tomay Ami Bhalobashi.
  • Prosno Jetai Hok, Uttor 2mi.
    Rasta Jetai Hok, Lokko tumi.
    Kosto Jotoi Hok, Sukh tumi.
    tomr sathai Jotoi Raag Kori Na Kno,
    Tobhu O Amr Priyo bhalobasa tumi.
  • Tumar Jonno megh gulu Veshe Jacche Akashe. Tumar Jonno Shopno ghuri Urche veshe Batase. Tumar Jonno ache amaar Buk Vora Bhalobasha. A kotha Jane Sudhu Amaar Bidhaata.
  • Ai prithibir buke Jodi tomake Amaar Ceye Besi Kew Bhalobase,Plz Sedin Amak ektu Khobor Dio, tomar Hasi Mukta 1ta Nozor Dekhe Sara Jiboner Jonno tomar Cokher Aral Hoye Jabo,Kotha Dilam.!
  • Elo Melo Hoy Hok Na tobu Amaar ei jibon. tomaar oi choker osrute koreci ami atto somorpon. shudhu Tumi Amay Bhalobesho Alopo kichuta khon.

Good night bangla SMS:

Saying good night is a common matter in anyone regular life hood. But if you are greeting the there close person with Prosody, then he will like the matter. There we add few Bangla SMS what is related to wishing good night. People can send those text to her favorite person or make the status on Facebook.

  • Gobhir Rate Shanto Akas,Miridu Sure Boice Batash.Akas Vora Lokkho Tara,Kuwasa Gulo Dicce Shara. Niviye Dilam Alorbati,2may Janai*””Suvo Ratri
  • Good night! Sweet dream! Take care. Abar ki dekhchho?
    Bichhana, Balish, Moshari . Tao ki sms kore pathabo naki?
  • Chader Alo jimiye Gechey. Jijhi Pokao Chup. Ami Tomay Akhono Bondu Miss Korchi Khob. Rater Adhar Ghono Kalo. Abar Jan Gomotey Cholo.. GooD Night 
  • Ami megh 2mi akash. ami ful 2mi subash . ami kobi 2mi kobita. ami sur 2mi gaan . ami din 2mi robi . ami raat 2mi chad
  • Halka megher bhabna, Bhuliye diye bhabna, Ekti mishti chand Bolchhe tomay hochchhe raat. Hey Swapner jatri SmS ei janai tomay Suvo Ratri.
  • Santo Nirob Rat, Nirghum Akhi duti Pate, Ami eka Ghore. Ai Somoy Sudhu 2mke Mone Pore.
  • Ekta sundor swapno pathalam bhalo kore khujlei pabe, khojo khuje pele nato…. Dur pagla ghumale tobei to pabe.
  • Dusto Rater Misti Akash Lagce Koto Bhalo, Chadni Rate 1tu Alo Onekkani Kalo Ami Akhon Ghumate jai tobe Ghum peyece Boro, tomy Janai Shuvo Ratri ar tumio Ghumie Poro.
  • Asbo rater swapno hoye, thakbo ami tomar kache, chokh Khultei  hariea jabo bhorer alor i deshe, Diye jabo tomay onek sriti aj ai raate. Shuvo ratri janai ami tomai bhalobasar sathe.
  • Nistobdo Rater NiroBotar Majhe, No2n Chader Aloki2 Hateacher Sate, Rat Jaga MisTi Fuler Gondhe, Sajiye Tolo Notun Shopno Gulo, OnabiL Anonde. . Shuvo Ratri.

Good morning SMS:

There is hearsay that’s, “morning makes the day.” So this is the better way to anyone heart, send him/her few sweet and meaningful good morning related SMS or mail. We here added few Bangla good morning SMS what people could send to her friend, boss, lover or any serious person.

  • Snigdho alo roj sokale.. Achre pore nodir tire.. Shuvo sokal ami powche dilam.. tomar apon ghore. . .
  • Misti Sokal ar thanda Hawa, Meger abar asha jawa
    modur sokal tar Norom alo dinta tomar katuk bhalo
    shuvo hwok tomar shara din
    Janai tomay GOOD MORNING.
  • Sokal holo noyon kholo. Ghum k bolo ari
    Amr bangla sms powche gache. bhondu tomr bari!
    Fuler gondhe vore uthuk tomr saj sokal!
    Taito tomy janai. misti suvo sokal!
  • “Good NIGHT” meaning- G for Go 2 bed. O for Off the light. O for Out of tension. D for Dreams come in. N for Nice sleep. I for In the bed. G for Get up early. H for Have a nice day. T for Thanks.
  • Jagche pakhi gaiche, gaan.. Notun dinta hok, mohan.. Jagche surjo, diche alo.. Dinta 2mr katuk bhalo.. Jagche majhi, tulche pal.. 2my janai, suvo sokal.
  • Him Sitol Sokale, Rong Tulir achor e, dhaka surjer alote, Jokhon Ghum vange tomar, Mone Koro prothom shuvo shokal wish ta chilo sudhu amaar
  • Sokal belar pakhi ami ful bagane thaki ghum theke jagia dite misti sure daki bhalo theko sararat o din 2make janay “GOOD MORNING”
  • Rat Periye Holo Shonali ekta bhor, Ki Bepar tomar cokhe akhono ghumer shohor? Utho tobe cokh khulo, takiye dekho tumi, ek guccho Ful Hate dariye achi Ami SHUVO SOKAL
  • Vorer Akash Dakche Tumai, Dakche Vorer Pakhi. Bolche Tumai Jege Utho, Khulo Duti Akhi. Fuler Bagan Bolche Tumai, Bariye Duti Hat. Ami O Tai Bolchi Tumai
  • Sokal Holo Ghum Vanglo,Hotat dekhi siteacher porlo. oma! eta abar ki holo? SMS ta vije gelo, tattari uthe jaw SMS Ta Rodre daw. Good Morning

Religion based on bangla sms list 

Few SMS are available on our bangla SMS collection, what are use to send on religion program.

Bangla EID SMS:

Most of the people are from Bangladesh are Muslim. EID is the biggest festival here. Muslims are share wishes one other in the two days of EID. There we present few Bangla EID Mubarak SMS.

  • Kal Eid Ul Ajha. Sajbe Tumi Mehadi Diye Rangga Be Tomaar Hat. Ai Khuteacher Somoy Tuku Katuk Tomaar Baromas.
  • Din gelo besh Eid holo sesh.. Goru chole gelo. Gosto ranna holo.. Saradin cilam busy., Akhon ami easy.. Address daw tattari., Kalke jabo tomar bari.
  • Eid Card Dite parlam na. Tumi Dure acho Bole! Mukhe bolteo ami parlam Na! Number nei bole. So Tomake Bolci “Sundor hok tumr Eid ekta din. suveccha dilam ogrim
  • Kichu kotha ache ja na bola theke jay. Kichu vasha ache ja bornonahin hoy. Tobe ajke Eider ei din sob pran khule bola jay. Aso amra pran khule aj sob boli. Eid Mubarak bhondu.
  • Asche Eid lagche onek bhalo tai to amay janate holo Eid mane ashar alo, Eid mane valobasha, Eid mane notun jibon sundor bhalobasa. “EID MUBARAK”
  • Bristi asbe  ar tumi barir chad bhijbe na amon ki hoy? Chad uthbe ar joshona thakbe na amon ta ki hoy? Bagane fool futbe ar tumi subash pabena amon ki hoy? ar eid ashbe tumi dawat pabe na amon ki kore hoy? Eider dawat roilo.
  • Durer Manus Asuk Kache, Kacher Jon- O Thakuk Pashe, Mon Chute Jak Moner Tane, Noya Chader Agomone, EID Katuk Khusi M0ne.
  • Eider dawat tomaar tore, ashbe tumi amaar ghore, kobul koro amaar dawat, na korle pabo aghat, tokhon kintu debo ari, jabo na ar tomaar bari.
  • Tumi tobe Hashi khushi theko shob shomoy, jemon ta hashi thake fule. Duniar shob dukho jhak az theke tumay bhule.. Melo dui hat, uro akaashe, hoye jao aaj pakhi.. aaj moder kushir Eid.. tomake janai “EID MUBARAK”
  • Nil akashe oi Eid-er chad, Eider age chadni rat. Eid holo khuteacher din, tomar Dawat roilo Eider din. Bhalo theko simahin, Eid-er din ta tomar hok rongin.!

Puja SMS:

The second biggest religion in Bangladesh is Hindu. There is more than four big puja festival are celebrate in Bangladesh. They wish each other during the festival time for keep well brotherhood and making the stronger bond with their relative. Check here few puja related SMS in Bangla language.

  • Maago Tomaar Choron Sporshe kete jaak
    amar sokol dukkho sukh,
    Tumar Mongol alo te charidik alokito houk
    “Shuvo Durga Puja” shobai ke
  • Asche Puja, Bajbe Dhak,
    Tora sabai bhalo thak!
    Happy Durga Puja!
  • Shiuli fuler gondhe keno udas holo amar mon,
    Subhra sital kasher sobhay juralo amar dui noyon,
    Agamonir barta oi je boye bajche dhaker sur,
    Sharodiyo pujar dingulo hok shobar snondo modhur !
    Durga Pujar suveccha
  • Shshthi holo te prothom dekha Pujar pandal e
    Shoptomi te holo milon  du chokh dhunuchir arale
    oshtami te holo kotha Maa er mondope
    Nobami te takei ami mon ta dilam sohpe
  • Batase Shiulir gandho, Akashe megher bhela,
    Work Station e amaar ebar Kaaj thamanor pala !
    “Shuvo Durga Puja”!
  • Shiuli fuler gondho,
    Sada megher sari R kaash er bon,
    Dhaker bajna janan dichche
    Maa -er agamon.
  • Sharat shokal, himel hawa
    Anmone tai hariye jawa
    Shiuli bheja saat-sokale
    Maa aschen bachar guru!
    janai tomake Sharodiar shubhecha
  • Shiuli fuler subash makha sharat oi akash khani,
    Kash ful er ghaser dolay kar oi padadhwani?
    Sharadio shubhecha !
  • Dhaker tale dhunichi nachon,
    etai prachin riti,
    M0ner frame e bandhiye rekho Durga Pujar smriti !
  • Anjali ta tattari sara o namo namo kore,
    Maanja diye sobar sathe berono tar pare.
    Pujar khoy din aral kore hath ta chepe dhara,
    Pujar khoy din sokal bikel chutiye prem kara.
    durga pujar subecha

Diwali wish and SMS:

Now a day when Diwali is not a festival of Hindu. All of the people like Muslim and from other religion are also participate in the same fest. So not only Hindu people but also other religion are looking for SMS to send on puja.

  • vut aschhe, tai toke bolchhi aste kore, diwali, mombati jala na hole..
  • ondhokar rate poth cholte jemon proyojon alor, temni e jibonew alor dorkar ache khb. jibon shobar alokmoy hok ai kamona kori. Happy diwali.
  • prodip er aloy muche jak, sob kalima, notun bhabe, ashuk boye sristir alo. Happy dipaboli.
  • lokho tarar majhe nei ko chander dekha, tai to ei adhar rat, adhar katate mombati ba alor rosnay sajiye dao charidik, suvo hok diwali.
  • hajar rong moshlar alor moto rogin hok tomaar jibon. shuvo diwali.
  • shoptomi te shei prothom dekha, oshtomi te boli hi, nobomi te online chating, doshomi te bollo bye. ogo maa tumi ki pasan, chardine prem e vashan, puro bazar total khali, tomaar pujai uron boson tubri diyo kali, happy kali puja.

Birthday and marriage SMS:

Celebrating birthday is the common thing around all country. Most of all people are simply familiar with the topic. For those reasons, they are seeking for birthday wish quote. Check few quote below in Bangla.

  • Misti alor jhikimiki sobuj patar ghase,
    Snighdho halka haway nariye matha fuler koli hase,
    Pakhir gaane poribese mayabi ek dhoya,
    Peyeche ora Ttomaar misty Shuvo Jonmodin chowa !
  • May Your Beautiful Bond Have A Lot Of Tuning & Understanding Happy Marriage Anniversary…Stay Tuned Together
  • Kaaro Saturday priyo din
    Kaaro Sunday
    Amaar sudhu priyo ekta din
    Tomaar Birthday !
    Happy Birthday!
  • If Marriages Are Made In Heaven, Answer The Days After Marriage! 5 All My Love For You FREE! Wishing U A Very Happy ANNIVERSARY.
  • Tomaar janya prarthana kori 12 maas Ananda
    52 saptaha Khushi, 365 din Saphalya
    8760 Ghanta Suswasthya, R 52600 min Soubhagya !
  • Notun shokal, notun din
    Notun kore shuru, ja hoy na jeno sesh.
    Jonmodin anek Shubhechar sathe
    Pathalam tomay ei bangla sms
  • To The Beautiful Couple In All The Land, May Your Anniversary Be Happy And Life Was When You Married Me Thank You My Loving Wife
  • Aajker ei bishesh din-e hoye otho aaro Nabin,
    Bhalobese janai tomay Shuvo Jonmodin
  • janmodiner shubechcha, priti R bhalobasa,
    Pouchhobe tomaar kache, amaar ei asha.
    Ei kobita pore tumi hasbe hoyto, ke ba jane
    Udyeshya saphol hobe, jadi ei Bangla sms ekta hasi tomaar mukhe aane !

Shuvo Jonmodin !

Express emotion by bangla SMS

Funny Bangla SMS:

Fun and comedy is the standard part of the human part. So Everyone can get fun and share their joy with people who lives near. Send them few particularly pertinent funny quote or short message to joy their heart.

  • char ta Pipra ek Bone Hatcilo, Samne hotat ekta Hati Astese, Ta dekhe  ek Pipra Bollo Amader uchit ok mere fela.
    Ditio pipra: ar aaa Na Chol Amra Hatir Paa Venge Dai.
    Tritio Pipra: na tar chye vhalo amra amader poth theke soriye Dai.
    char no. pipra: aare na Badha Amra char jon O aka, sudhu sudhu ek osohay Ke disturb korar ki dorkar.
  • Chele: I LV U.
    Meye: Your Request Is Processed Successfully. Please Wait For My Husband Divorce.
    Chele: Sorry Sending Failed.
    meye: Please Try once more
  • Boss: dekhoto amr number a k call dicy.
    Manegar: call girl.
    Boss: what amr phone call girl phone dicy.
    Manegar: na boss mane meye phone dicy.
  • Shob meye chay taar pichone jeno shob chelei Ghuruk. Jaar Fole ekta Meyer Piche Kom holeo 10 ta gadha chele thake, Kintu valentine day te ekta Gadha Gurte Pare Baki noyta gadha etimer moto pore thake.
  • Teacher: tomar Moto Meye S.S.C te fail korbe Ami bhabtei parini
    Meye: abbu bolecen Fail korle biye diye dibe, tai sujog ta haat chara korlam naa
  • Teacher: H.S.C er Purnorup Ki Jano?.
    Student: Headmaster Sendel Chor..
    Teacher: Haramjada Soytan Chele..
    Student: Apner Purno Rup Ta o Motamuti Thik Ache..!
  • Indin Bhondu: Amader Deser Meyera Khub Sahosi,Ora Chele Der Dhore Rap Kore
    Australia Bhondu: Ki Je Kow 2mi Polara Kom Jay Naki,Dakho Amader Deshe Dine Koyta Rap Kore Gune Ses Kora Jabe Na.Aktu Por
    Bangladeshe Bhondu: Vi Rap Ki Jines
  • Goto Bosor Poshak Cilo Pakhi. Na Paye Mora Cilo Onek Akhi. Ebar Holo Kiron Mala Ma Jani Kon Meyera Kon Purusher Golay Porabe Moron Mala.
  • Wife: Ai Sono Ami london Jachi 2mr Jonne Ki Anbo?
    husband: Amr Jonne Akta British Meye Niye Aso,
    Wife Asar Por,
    Husband: Koi Amr Gift Koi?
    Wife: Opekha Koro 10 Mas 10 Din Por Pabe.
  • Hizla:Baba amaar biye hobe na?
    Baba:Hobe hobe chinta koris na,tor biyer jonno patroder ke sms Post Kore Disshi. Bangla Sms pore hasle bujbi patro razi achey.!

Sad SMS:

Sad is another part of the fun. Share the condition of your heart to those people who lives near you. It will make possibility to you that, get the company of them. Nothing is useless here.

  • Mutho Bartai Chuye Dilam Angule Lekha She Pream Gorir Katar Sesh Gore Ese Abar Ami Tomay Haralem!
  • Joto dure jas na keno achi tor pashe, Takiye dekhis akash pane ghum jodi na ashe. Kache amakei pabi tui haat duti barabi jei, Jodi na pas jenenibi sedin ami ar ney.

bangla SMS

  • Tui Ki Ar Asbi Nare Amaar Vangga Ghore. Ajo Tor Opekkhay Asi PothTi Ami Chaye. Jodi Tui Thakbi Dure Sukh Pakhi Hoye. Tobe Keno Jaan Bole Niyacils Amay Buke Dhore
  • Jani Tumi Sukhe Aso Vhule Giya Amay. Jani Tumi Asbena Fira Basbena Bhalo Ar. Tobe Keno Mittha Premer Maya Jale Amay Tumi Joriye Bolo Na Ki Sukh Pale Jibon Ta Nosto Kore???
  • Amaar Kichu Rat Kete Jay Shopno Bihin,Abar Kihcu Asha Venge Jay Nirobe Protidin,Kihcu Sriti Kadiye Jay Cokher Arale.R Amaar Kicu Manus Dure Chole Jay Akdom Kicui Na Bole.!
  • Bhabini Bhule Jabi, 2be Bondut2 KortamNa. Bhabini Rag Korbi, 2be Kichu Boltam Na. Jodi Jantam Por Hoye Jabi tobe Ato Apon Bhabtam Na.
  • Ami Kadte Parini Kokhono Tomaar Samne Dariye-Tumi Muche Diyeco Amaar She Choker Jol 2U Hat Bariye.Tokhon Hoyto Kadi Na Ami R Tomaar Bhalobashar Nirmol Poroshe-Tobe She Din Amay Kadte Hobe Aro Beshi Jedin Thakbe Na R Tumi Amaar Pashe.
  • ajo ki 2mi amaar acho? Naki onno karo hoye gecho? Ajo ki amak mone rekheco?Naki bhule geco? Ajo ki 2mi amaar sei priyojon? Naki aj ochena akjon?
  • Jibon jeno hariyecha aj buker vitor theke, uro mon khujche alo hariye jete jete. Moner kone jomche batha rakchi tare fele, bhabchi a sob puriye debo ektu agun pele.
  • Shagorer tire boshe 2mr kotha bhabtey ak fota choker jol pore gelo panite, tai shopot nilam jotodin se jol kuje na pabo totodin 2mai bhulbona!

Finally, there are lots of SMS in around us. But most of all are less than almost minimum quality. If you use lame SMS or text idea to send any one of make status on Facebook, then it may be spoiled your public image. Therefore it is important to use smart and meaningful SMS.

In conclusion, from the thought, here we give few Bangla SMS what are smart and charming to hear and must be useful to anyone. As a result, it will help to A friend of another friend, lover to love or well-wisher can use those without any argue. So Visit our site regularly.

Rupali bank branch location info, head office and phone number

Rupali bank branch location info, head office and phone number

In Bangladeshi economical system Rupali bank is one of most important bank. People who try to contract with the bank for banking issue other purpose he needs the Rupali bank branch address and location. In this article I am present all branch of Rupali bank and there address with phone number. Check all of them below.

Rupali bank branch location info, head office and phone number

Rupali bank branch location info, head office and phone number

Rupali bank branch address and location info

Rupali bank head office address:  ICTS Division, 9th floor, 34 Dilkusha C/A, Dhaka-1000

Dhaka division

Location Phone number
Almas Mansion, first floor, 282/1 1st Colony, Majar Road, Mirpur-1, Dhaka PBO-1218 +88029551525
14/A Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka PBO-1209 +88029551525
Balaka Bhabon, first Floor, 3 Mirpur Road, Dhaka PBO-1205 +88029551525
336-337 Chalkbazar, first floor, Lalbagh, Dhaka PBO- 1211 +88029551525
14/A Satmosjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka PBO- 1209 +88029551525=

Sylhet division

Location Phone number
Rekabi Bazar, Sadar, Sylhet -3100 +880821714978
Bander Bazar, Sadar, Sylhet-3100 +880821714978
Laldighirpar Br, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet-3100 +880821714978
Mira Bazar Corporation, Sylhet Rupali Sadan, Sylhet -3100 +880821714978
Rekabi Bazar, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet -3100 +880821714978

Kishoreganj division

Location Phone number
Barabazar 1st Floor, Kishoreganj-2300 01928829946
Hobiganj Road, Sreemongal, Moulvibazar-3210 01928829946

Rangpur division

Location Phone number
Railway Crossing Br, Alam Nagar, Rangpur-5400 01749024294
R.K.Road Br, Sadar, Rangpur-5401 01749024294
G.L. Roy Road Corp, Branch, Rangpur-5400 01749024294

All Rupali bank branch are open on government official time. Government and bank holiday those services will not available. If anyone try to meet here, then he should follow the time or call to the number. All kind of transaction issue are not accepted on phone call. User must be meet to the bank officer physically. Phone number is only for general query like how to open bank account in Rupali bank, job circular in Rupali bank etc.

Check more job detail here:

Sonali bank circular for job exam

The address are can changed anytime. Please call to the helpline number for confirmation (Don’t call to the off hour or holiday). If you think the article is helpful then share it on social media platform and share with your friend.

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Dhaka university admission 2016 – circular and exam date

Dhaka university admission 2016 - circular and exam date

After over the HSC exam the student will be prepared for dhaka university admission 2016. DU (Dhaka University) is the biggest public university in Bangladesh. All most all student have a dream to make her place in the university.

According to the rules of 2015, in this year Dhaka university will take their admission test for those students, who have passed her intermediate examination at the session of 2015-2016. Today we will describe all about participates Circular, qualification, the university of Dhaka admission date, and result publication date.

Dhaka university admission full information about qualification

Dhaka university admission 2016 - circular and exam date

Dhaka university admission 2016 – circular and exam date

As usual Dhaka University will take their admission test once a time in this year, and a student can participate here for a single time.

Qualification to participate on DU admission 2016

  • According to the rules of 2015, there we describe Qualification to participate in DU admission test at 2016 below.
  • Student must be passed her SSC on 2011 to 2013
  • Student must be passed her HSC on 2016
  • Unit based total SSC and HSC will be (with 4th subject)-
A unit 8
B unit 7.5
C unit 7
D unit 7
  • If any student will score under 3 in a single subject at SSC and HSC, will cannot participate.

DU admission date of 2016

Still Dhaka university admission comity does not announce the admission even its circular is also unannounced. Last year (2015) the admission was done in October. According to this history, most probably this year the exam will take in September and October. Keep follow on our website to get all updated data about admission test.

Download pdf card

Dhaka university admission admission results 2016 published date

The result will be published after 7-8 day of the exam. Normally it does not take more than a week. But if it will hang on any problem, then it will take few more times.

The students can get their result on official website of Dhaka university. And it will also notify the student by SMS. The admit card must be upkeep for admission period.

 Must be noted: only those student, who have complete her HSC in current year, can participate on exam. student must be passed on each particular subject. Otherwise her name will not listed on merit list.

This year in Dhaka university admission 2016 program, only fist time candidate can participate. That’s why the competition will not be changed. Only official website of Dhaka university is the source to collect the admission form. After announcing the admission circular by Dr. A A M S Arefin Siddique, the form collecting system will enable on the website.

SSC routine 2016 – for every board of Bangladesh

SSC routine 2016 – for every board of Bangladesh

On Bangladeshi education system SSC is the most important period for each student. Like other years this year in this year SSE exam will start form next 1st February. All those board of Bangladesh are follow same routine for the SSC exam routine. Let we check the routine fully.

SSC routine 2016 – for every board of Bangladesh

SSC routine 2016 – for every board of Bangladesh

Check SSC routine 2016 fully

Subject Time table date Subject code
  • Bangla (compulsory) – 1st paper
  • Sohoj Bangla – 1st paper
  • Bangla vasa o shongskriti – 1st paper
10 am – 1 pm 01-02-2016 101
  • Bangla (compulsory) – 2nd paper
  • Sohoj Bangla – 2nd paper
  • Bangla vasa o shongskriti – 2nd paper
10 am – 1 pm 03-02-2016 102
English 1st 10 am – 1 pm 07-02-2016 107
English 2nd 10 am – 1 pm 09-02-2016 108
  • Islam sikha
  • Hindu dhormo sikha
  • Budho dhormo sikha
  • Khristo dhormo sikha
10 am – 1 pm 11-02-2016 111
  • Podatrho biggan
  • Bangladesh itihas o bissho sovvota
  • Itihas
  • Finance o banking
  • Babshay porichiti
10 am – 1 pm 14-02-2016 136
  • Vugol o poribesh
  • Banijjik vugol
10 am – 1 pm 16-02-2016 110
  • Roshayon
  • Poroniti
  • Babshay uddok
10 am – 1 pm 18-02-2016 137
Gonit (compulsory) 10 am – 1 pm 23-02-2016 109
  • Jib biggan
  • Orthoniti
10 am – 1 pm 25-02-2016 138
  • Sadharon biggan
  • Ucchotoro gonit
10 am – 1 pm 28-02-2016
  • Bangladesh o bissho porichiti
  • Shomaj biggan
10 am – 1 pm 01-03-2016 150
Sharirik sikha, kheladula 10 am – 1 pm 06-03-2016 147
  • Bangla vasha o sahitto
  • English vasha o shitto
  • Garostho biggan
  • Garostho orthoniti
  • Krishi sikha
  • Shongit
10 am – 1 pm 08-03-2016 119
  • Arbi
  • Shongkrito
  • Pali
  • Kormokukhi sikha
  • Computer sikha
  • Saririk sikha o kriya
  • Basic tread
  • Charu o karukola
2 pm – 5 pm 08-03-2016 121

Student can download SSC routine 2016 also practical and other exam from here easily.

After the exam it may takes 2 month time for published the result. Before the result publishing published, we will share all those term and rules of “how to know SSC result 2016” in our website. Keep focus on our site.

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