Trust bank job circular and minimum criteria of applicant

Trust bank job circular and minimum criteria of applicant

There are few well-known non-government or privet bank in Bangladesh. The trust bank is one of them. They always try to provide better service to their client at more than 60 different brunches. For a reason, the company decides to appoint few officer and trainer. At the same token, they published job criteria and circular of trust bank on newspaper. In this article, we are going to discuss the trust bank job circular apply and another minimum requirement to the application.

Trust bank job circular and minimum requirement for application

Trust bank job circular and minimum criteria of applicant

Trust bank job circular and minimum criteria of applicant

According to the past four-year history, the bank (trust bank) release their job circular on February and the appointing was over before March. Most of the time they post their circular for Manager Trainee Officer (MTO) post. Here I give minimum quality to apply for the job.

  • Education background: Minimum GPA-5.0 on both board exam (SSC and HSC). Diploma is not graded. Four years lengthy Masters Course and minimum CGPA- 3.00 out of 4 are needed.
  • Age and nationality: The age of the candidate must be less than 30 years. And none of non-Bangladeshi can apply for trust bank job. Student of Masters is also unable to apply here.
  • Important papers to interview: candidate must be carried few papers when he has invited for the job interview. Two copy passport size photo, mark sheet of SSC and HSC, certificate of masters.
  • Offered salary: The trust bank authority will offer to their MTO officer 41,000 taka at starting time. And the salary will increase in future after his show her productivity for the bank. MTO is a first class officer of this bank, and he can enjoy all kind of facility.

Procedure to application for trust bank job:

Simple procedure. At the season of appointment, the bank will publish a form on online. The form will be linked with trust bank job circular detail. Check our website regular to get the faster update of the circular.

So, fill up the form with a validate email and newly captured image. After reviewing your online application, the interview board will call you to meet with them. After the meeting, if they think that you are the perfect one for the post, then they will appoint you. In the meantime, you can check the Shonali bank job circular here.

SEO Bangla pdf and eBook | Search engine optimization learning

SEO Bangla pdf and eBook Search engine optimization learning

Welcome again to website. In this episode, we are going to share you an eBook about SEO Bangla PDF full free. SEO is a process that how a website ranked on Google search engine for any keyword. The civilization of earning money in Bangladesh are become faster now a day. Most of the people especially students are likes to move to the internet to making money faster. Search engine optimization is one of them most popular way in Bangladesh.

So, here we present the Bangla PDF book for those people who are want to learn SEO. In this book writes to describe the primary to advance terms of this job. The writer mizanur rohoman gather all her knowledge and experience of her professional life in the book.

Download eBook of SEO Bangla PDF full free

SEO Bangla pdf and eBook Search engine optimization learning

SEO Bangla pdf and eBook Search engine optimization learning

file size (7MB) pricing(full free)
mizanur rohoman (writer) platform (PDF and eBook)
SEO bangla PDF (book name) full book (lenth)

Download the book

In this book, the writer discusses the practical SEO training and technique. The benefit of SEO and what does you can gain from SEO. All other necessary things are also included in the book. All important part of this work like on-page, off the page, black hat, white hat are discussed in the book. You can read the book on your computer, mobile or other eBook or PDF supported device.

Additional information: after reading the book, you will not be an expert on the topic. It is important to practice correctly and regular. Why don’t you try to the free platform like Blogger or WordPress for practice? After reading the SEO Bangla PDF of eBook your practice and experiment make you more perfect. By the way, do you like a movie? Check Zulfiqar movie review of any other thing on our website at full free. And hope you will enjoy our book collection.

Salman shah biography, career, movie, and death

Salman shah biography, career, movie, and death

In the history of Bengali movie Salman Shah is a name, this film loves does not forget him with lots of love. Salman was not only an actor but also a changed, who changed the situation of a movie industry. Bengali people knew him as the price of the film.

People still love to watch all those movies he was acting. Her acting skill and lifestyle was like that actor who is from Bollywood or Hollywood. In the article, we discuss the biography of Salman Shah and her career even her death.

Salman shah full biography

Salman shah biography, career, movie, and death

Salman shah biography, career, movie, and death

The hero of Bengali movie, Salman Shah was born 19th September of 1971, at Zakiganj of Sylhet. Her mother name is Nila Chowdhury. Salman was not her real name. His actual name is Shahriar Chowdhury Emon. After keeping the love of Bollywood actor Salman Khan, he changes her name. He is the elder’s son of her family.

In personal life, Shahriar Chowdhury Emon was a brilliant student. He was a student at Arab mission school and complete her SSC from here. In her HSC life, he was admitted to Adamji cantonment public college. And he completes her graduation from Maleka Science College what is the state on Dhanmondi. At the time of leisure, he was like to write letter or diary. Few of persons are unique on media industry now a day.

Her lifestyle was pretty similar to a hero from Bollywood. He uses Toyota car. Even he have most of the unique style, what is next time followed by few top level Bollywood actor. Like wear a different type cap, tight bandana on head, etc. all of her fashion are also still touch her fans heart. He got married to Samira Huq at 1992 in Dhaka.

Salman shah career, acting and movies

He starts her acting career from TV serial. Shaikotey Sharosh is the 1st TV series on Salman Shah career. At the time of 1988, he was acting on the serial as character “RABBI.” There are 27 films and 8 TV series that he worked. Her first movie was Keyamot theke Keyamot, and it was achieved a lot of love. Still, people are going to the cinema hall and watch the movie with due love for their favorite actor.

Most of her films, Shabnoor and Moushumi was acted as co-artist. Buker Bhetor Agun is her last movie before death. Most of her movies become succeed with her fans love. No other actor in Bangladesh, who have gained that much love of her fans. Even it is also rare in Bollywood also.

List of her movies: here I give the list of those movies, what was acted by Salman Shah (Shahriar Chowdhury Emon).

Release year Movie / film name Her role as Actress of the movie
1993 Keyamot Theke Keyamot Raj Moushumi
1994 Tumi Amar Akash Shabnur
1994 Ontore Ontore Shan Moushumi
1994 Shujon Shokhi Alam Kiran Shabnur
1994 Bikkhov Anik Shabnur
1994 Sneho Anwar Moushumi
1994 Prem Juddho Raja Lima
1995 Denmohor Sarowar Moushumi
1995 Konna dan Srabon Lima
1995 Shopner Thikana Shumon Shabnur
1995 Anjuman Foysal Shabnaz
1995 Moha Milon Shantto Shabnur
1995 Asha Bhalobasha Akash Shabnaz
1996 Bichar Hobe Shujon Shabnur
1996 Ei Ghar Ei Shongshar Mintu Lima
1996 Priyojon Jibon Shilpi
1996 Tomake Chai Shagor Shabnur
1996 Shopner Prithibi Masum Shabnur
1996 Sotyer Mrittu Nei Joy Shahnaz
1996 Jibon Songshar Shobuj Shabnur
1996 Mayer Odhikar Robin Shabnaz
1996 Chaowa Theke Paowa Shagor Shabnur
1997 Prem Piyashi Hridoy Shabnur
1997 Shopner Nayok Raju Shabnur
1997 Shudhu Tumi Akash Shama
1997 Ananda Ashru Dewan Khasru Shabnur
1997  Buker Bhetor Agun Agun Shabnur

Each movie of Salman Shah life have become super hits, and even her movie directors are also loved to do work with her. Most of the time he writes the letter to her director and her friends.

Salman shah death and the saddest part of Bangla movie history

As usual, Death is the last seen of her life. 6th September of 1996 is the day. All of the movie lover and that person who are related with Bangla movie, are crying for the actor. The time of early morning of the day, peoples found himself in her house as death. According to most of the witness, her wife Samira Huq kills Salman. But there is no strong logic with the news. Police are also unable to find out the actual news.

Whatever happen, Salman’s fans does not care. Salman Shah still alive on her fans heart, of course as a prince. We the BDcircularline family remember the hero with due respect.

Sonali bank circular for job exam – 2016

Sonali bank circular for job exam – 2016

Before sharing Sonali bank circular for job, I am going to tell you something about the system. Shonali bank limited is one of the leading banking group and company in Bangladesh. They have international focus for their financial management system. They are also committed to give better service and production to there user and client. That’s why each year they are looking for quality employee and officer.

Last year even this year they gives appoint people for various post . They are like Senior IT Officer, Assistant IT Engineer, Assistant Programmer, Assistant Database Administrator, Assistant and Sub-Assistant Engineer for their Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Architect and Textile sector. Let’s check the circular. All details and minimum requirement are given below.

Sonali bank circular for job exam – 2016

Sonali bank circular for job exam – 2016

Education Qualification in Sonali bank circular

Education Qualification are already published. Check all of this Qualification below.

Job type Regular – banking Job
Application Deadline for 2016 session Still not published
Age More than 32 year are not accepted. If candidates relative are works on same bank, for that case he will accepted even if he is 35 years.
Job experience No need past experience
Apply now Candidate can apply here via online.Check here.

Candidate must be a Bangladeshi. Non Bangladeshi are not accepted here. without over the academic course of masters, no one can apply for the job.

Most provably the institute (Shonali bank limited) announce the exam date, what will held on June of this year. Candidate should be ready for exam. Huge competition and hardness is the basic format of exam here. When Sonali bank circular for 2016 will publish officially we must be share it on our site. Stay with us.  You can bookmark our site if you think it is important. To continue your proper preparation you can check our bangla PDF book collection from here.

Zulfiqar movie | story, songs, star cast and full film

Zulfiqar movie story, songs, star cast and full film

In Tollywood, at Kolkata, there is a huge broad audience of Bangla movie. The upcoming movie Zulfiqar will release here soon. The story of the movie are collect from two different drama of William Shakespeare’s. Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra is the genesis novel. The legend actor Prosenjit Chatterjee will cover the roll of Zulfiqar Ahmed or Julius Caesar in the movie. In this article, we are going to describe you Zulfiqar movie story, song star cast, and full free download.

Zulfiqar movie story and plot

Zulfiqar movie story, songs, star cast and full film

Zulfiqar movie story, songs, star cast and full film

The shooting of the Zulfiqar movie started at January of the current year. And almost the video recording part are over. The story of the movie are given below.

Once upon a time there are a don/ gangster named Zulfiqar Ahmed. He has a lot of buddy with her team. In her team, there are guy’s loves each other like a family, and they have unity also. Of the story characters are play there different character at different religion on screen. Gangster, prostitute, leader and all most other corrupted characters are include on the story.

Here Zulfiqar is a person who is always committed to her team. He also loves people, and he gets a prostitute with her life. But over the story, he was killed by her another close person.

Star cast of Zulfiqar movie

At the team of the movie, there act most of the talented actor actress. Shrikant Mohta Mahendra Soni directs the movie, and he is very smart movie director at present. Shrikant Mohta is the producer of the film. Anupam Roy, Nachiketa Chakraborty, Shan, Shreya Ghosal is the musician. And they sing four different songs here. The character name chart with the actor is given below.

List of actor

Prosenjit Chatterjee Zulfiqar Ahmed
Kaushik Sen Basheer Khan
Rahul Banerjee Laltu Das
Dev Markaz Ali
Ankush Hazra Akhtar Ahmed
Parambrata Chatterjee Tony Braganza
Jisshu Sengupta Kashinath Kundu

List of actress

Paoli Dam Karishma Ahmed
June Malia Pariza Khan
Nusrat Jahan Rani Talapatra
Kyra Dutt Albeena Ahmed

Release date of the movie Zulfiqar

Already the all those work are for making the movie are over. The editing panels are busy to over the editing part. Most of the TV channel of Kolkata are broadcast the song of the movie. The Director Shrikant Mohta Mahendra Soni decide that the movie will release on upcoming Durga puja. According to the news, it will release on 23 September of 2016.

Songs of Zulfiqar movie

There are four different songs are in the movie Zulfiqar. Anupam Roy is the music director of the movie. Here I give the download link of those songs.

Song name Singer name Download
Ami Aajkel Bhalo Achi Anupam roy Download
Ghawrbaari AR Download
Ek Purno Masjide Nachiketa Download
Kata-kuti Khela Sreya ghoshal and Shan Download

Download Zulfiqar full movie

Fans and lovers are already getting starts to love all those songs. Even the music videos are also excellent. After published those songs on YouTube and another social platform, the people become more anxious to watch the movie. There are few more reason to like the movie. Like-

  • Zulfiqar is the first film, where DEV and Prosenjit Chatterjee are working together.
  • On the movie, their lots of superstars are works together.
  • This is the first movie where few romantic actors are working with drama story.

At the end, the movie will consist on of milestone in Tollywood. Zulfiqar movie will come with its different kind of test. It will not like other commercial as usual romantic movie. Hope audience will visit cinema hall and enjoy the movie with joy.

Dhaka University b unit admission result and subject list 2016-17

Dhaka University b unit admission result and subject list 2016-17

The Dhaka University admission test 2016 for four years longer honors course are going on. At the 23 September, the university is cover the exam. Students are complete that exam at the MCQ (multiple choice question) format. After over the exam, the auditor and teacher will take 3 or four days to make the result completely. After over the result, they will publish it and no more second result will not be published.

Get Dhaka University B unit admission result on perfect time

Dhaka University b unit admission result and subject list 2016-17

Dhaka University b unit admission result and subject list 2016-17

As usual, the DU admission operates comity released their admission result after three days of exam. They check the exam papers on OMR matching and make the full score in digital ways. According to their history of the result, Dhaka University B unit admission result for 2016-17 education year will be published on 26th September of the same year. It will be the upcoming Monday.

How to get Dhaka University b unit result faster

After completing the formality of making the result and score list, it will be uploading the official website of Dhaka University. But 23th September it will making public here. At the same time, it will be hung in front of Dean Office, and it will be published in newspaper. But the checking result on the official website is the best way to getting the result faster. Just visit and logging there. It will notify your result inside.

Minimum passes mark for b unit admission of DU

Without achieved the minimum pass mark, the university will not add you to their score list. The student will get at least 48 out of 120 marks. Even it is also needed to pass each subject particularly. The student should get at least eight in English, eight on Bangla and 17 on general knowledge. If anyone have failed on any subject, the university authority will reject him/her.

Dhaka university Kha unit subjects list

There are more than 50 different subjects on Kha/ b unit of Dhaka University. There are few top most subject like criminology, math, social science, journalism, international relationship, music, and history. The student cannot get any subject that they want. According to the rules of Dhaka university admission, the university will offer remaining subject to the student depends on by how much score they have. All the subject of B/ Kha unit is given below by PDF format.

After over the MCQ admission, they will take a viva exam as the formality. It will not a tuff step like MCQ exam. Keep the focus on our web site to getting notification of Dhaka University B unit admission result of 2016-17 faster. We will notify at the exact time. Check more admission and job exam result on our wesbsite.

Dhaka University admit card Ka, Kha and gha unit 2016-17 | exam date

Dhaka University admit card Ka, Kha and gha unit 2016-17

The Dhaka University authority are going to cover their admission related exam for 2016-17 education year. Few day ago we shared the Dhaka university admission circular on our website. Don’t forget to checkout. Here we are coming to share Dhaka University admit card related information. We are going to share with you how to find out or collect the admit card of Dhaka university admission test. We also particularly discuss the Ka, Kha, gha, and gha unit admit card and exam date. Read below carefully.

Collect Dhaka University admit card for exam

Dhaka University admit card Ka, Kha and gha unit 2016-17

Dhaka University admit card Ka, Kha and gha unit 2016-17

Only those student can collect admit card who was complete the admission form by paying the fixed application fee before. It will not charge newly when you will collect the admit card.

Where you will find the admit card: You can find out you Dhaka University admit card on the official website of DU. Just login there are and download the admit card as PDF. Finally, print out the PDF and it will be used as admit card.

When the PDF admit card will available: the admit card will be posted on DU website before three days of admission. Sit plan and other related relevant information will add one day before of admission.

Dhaka University admit card ka unit and exam date

Ka or A unit is the unit of science. Those students who are over their SSC and HSC course from science background can participate on DU KA unit. Collect admit card from official website. There exam date is 21st October of 2016 at morning ten o clock. Find own seat from DU site.

Dhaka University admit card Kha unit and exam date

In DU Kha or B unit is the unit of commerce. A lot of top levels subject have existed here. Collect your admit card after 20th September of current year. The seating plan will be available on the website at 22th September. And the exam will start at morning 10 o’clock of 23rd September.

Dhaka University admit card gha unit and exam date

Gha unit or D unit is the biggest unit of DU. because students are from any background can participate in the exam. As usual, the admit card will be available three days before and the seat plan will available one day before of exam. The university authority decides that the exam date of D unit is 28th October.

Other admission exam date

  • C unit: 30th September
  • E unit: 24th September
  • Technical unit: 18th November
  • IBA: still unknown

Download pdf card

Note that: the student should pass on each subject particular. Admission test of Dhaka University will be published after two days of exam.

(JUST) Jessore University of science and technology admission 2016-17

(JUST) Jessore University of science and technology admission 2016-17

JUST or Jessore University of science and technology is one of public engineering and Technology University in Bangladesh. They announce their admission circular for 2016-17 education year. As usual every year, they decide to over there admission procedure on different 6 unit. A, b, c, d, e and f unit. The Jessore University of science and technology admission Formalities and their rules are described below.

Jessore University of science and technology admission circular 2016

(JUST) Jessore University of science and technology admission 2016-17

(JUST) Jessore University of science and technology admission 2016-17

In admission circular, the university added few rules. The examinee who are interested to admit on just, he/she should follow those rules. Unless if he have out of minimum quality, he cannot participate in their admission test. Those rules are

  • For apply and form fill-up on a, b and unit – only those students are able to apply who are complete there HSC/ Alim/ a level from science or agricultural science background on 2015 or 2016. Also 4 years longer diploma background are acceptable.
  • For apply and form fill-up on d, e and f unit – all students from science, art and commerce are can apply on that unit. The examinee must be passed HSC level exam on 2015 or 2016.
  • Minimum requirement – on JUST admission circular there are described few thing about minimum requirement for admission. The student must have passed their HSC and SSC exam with the grade B (particularly), and total GPA must be 6.5. If he got under the grade B on any subject of SSC and HSC exam, then he can’t participate in the exam.
  • Nationality – the priority comes from Bangladeshi students first. Foreign (NRB) students can also admit here. But for this case, they should pay the fee what are nominated from JUST University (Jessore University of science and technology) authority.

Just admission test fee and subject arrangement of subject in units

Students can complete form fill up the step from the official website of the university. Check their official website and all kind of step are given there.

Just A unit admission information

  • Available subject- computer science and engineering, chemical engineering, IPE, petroleum and mining engineering, electrical and electronic ensnaring, biomedical engineering.
  • Admission fee – to get the admit card for participate on A unit admission exam, the student should pay 750 taka as admission fee. On this unit, if the student has A- on HSC or SSC, then he will unable to collect admit card.

Just B unit admission information

  • Available subject- microbiology, fisheries and marine bioscience, GEBT and pharmacy
  • Admission fee – 700 taka will need to get admit card. SSC and HSC minimum particular GPA 3.00, and total GPA 7.00 needed. If a student has a GPA under B, then he will unable to participate.

Just C unit admission information

  • Available subject- EST, nutrition and food technology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and agro-product processing technology.
  • Admission fee – 700 taka is the admission fee for C unit. SSC and HSC particularly minimum GPA 3.00, and total GPA 6.5 needed. If the student has a GPA under B, then he will unable to participate.

Just D unit admission information

  • Available subject- only English
  • Admission fee – This a common unit. 400 taka fee. SSC and HSC minimum particular GPA 3.00, and total GPA 6.00 needed. If the student has a GPA under B, then he will unable to participate.

Just E unit admission information

  • Available subject- physical education and sports science
  • Admission fee – 500 taka. Students are from all group are accepted here. SSC and HSC particularly minimum GPA 2.50, and total GPA 6.00 needed.

Just F unit admission information

  • Available subject- accounting and information system
  • Admission fee – 400 taka. SSC and HSC minimum total GPA 6.00 for science, GPA 6.5 for the commercial group.

Jessore University of science and technology admission exam test date:

The university authority is announced their admission date. The student who is complete there form fill up they can participate on that day. On 06-11-2016 is the date of D, E and F unit exam. The A, B and C unit exam will cover at 7-11-2016. In Jessore University of science and technology admission system there are 5% sit for freedom fighter, and 3% for tribe and physically unfit student post are pre-reserve like Dhaka university.

Notes – student will be able to know the exam place and cane collect their admit card before 3 days of the exam from their official website. Check to know all information about Jessore University of science and technology admission 2016-17. All admission related information will available on their official website. Check more university admission circular from our circular archive.

Hijibiji pdf book by humayun ahmed

Hijibiji pdf book by humayun ahmed

The greatest bangla writer humayun ahmed was write the book hijibiji. The book was published before he die. Lots of her fans are accept the book with a lot of love. In the article we provide the download link of the Hijibiji pdf book by humayun ahmed at free.

Download Hijibiji PDF book by humayun ahmed

Book name Hijibiji
Language Bangla
Writer humayun ahmed
Format Pdf
Size 22MB

Download link –

Check more Humayun Ahmed pdf book
Hijibiji pdf book by humayun ahmed

Hijibiji pdf book by humayun ahmed

The book is about many of social problem and related matter. Writer think and collect the idea from her real life experience. The book is not like humayons other popular book. There we give the full book download link. Hope you will enjoy the book hijibiji.

Rajshahi university admission circular 2016-17 |

Rajshahi university admission circular

Rajshahi University is one leading public university in Bangladesh. Recently Rajshahi university admission circular is declared and announced by RU authority. In the circular, they include the admission test date, instruction for admission form collection, seat plan, result and other related important information. In the article, all of the information are added.

It may important for you Jahangirnagar university admission
Dhaka university admission

Rajshahi university admission circular for honors course 2016-17

Rajshahi university admission circular

Rajshahi university admission circular

The university authority (RU) says on their circular that, all kind of there admission test will start from 23 October. And importantly admission test will over before 27th October of running year. Those students are can participate in the admission exam of Rajshahi University, who have few qualification.

Qualification for participate on the admission exam of Rajshahi University:

  • The examinee must pass her SSC level exam at 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015.
  • Must pass her HSC level exam at 2015 or 2016 education year.
  • The student must have minimum GPA at SSC and HSC (with the 4th subject). The unit base minimum GPS is given below.
Student category Minimum GPA of HSC and SSC Minimum total GPA
Science 4.00 8.50
Commerce 3.5 8.0
Arts 3.5 7.5

Online application for Jahangirnagar University:

Examinee/ candidate can application via online for Rajshahi university admission exam. For the reason, he should visit the official website of RU ( A student can confirm their application, by paying the fixed fee.

Rajshahi university admission test application by SMS

A student can complete their application, by sending SMS from Teletalk connection. By this way, the applicant also submits the fixed fee. After confirm that you have 350 taka on you Teletalk connection, the go to message option and type

RU <Space> First 3 character of HSC board name<Space> HSC Roll No <Space>Year of HSC pass <Space> First 3 character of SSC board<Space> SSC Roll Number <Space> Year of SSC pass <Space> Group and Send the text to 16222

Then RU authority check you application and. If they agree then it will notify you on return SMS. There is a PIN number, what is important for the examinee. Make sure you have the pin. For complete the registration type RU YES <space>PIN Number <space> Contact Number and send the text SMS to 16222

Note: It will be cut 350 taka, RU admission test fee purpose.

Admission dates of Rajshahi University

The date still not published. If published, we should be added here. Keep focus on our web site.

How to know the seat plan of RU admission exam:

The seat plan of Rajshahi university admission will publish 2-3 days before the exam. On the time the seat plan will available on the Rajshahi university official website. A student can find out the seat after login here. Same time on our site we will share the seat plan. You can bookmark us and visit regularly to get seat plan update.

How to know the result of RU admission exam:

Admission authority of Rajshahi University will not take a long time to announce the result. It will be published in at 24-48 hour after over the exam. Basically, the result will release on their website. But the student will also notify about it on their mobile phone. After published the result, you can found the result as PDF on our website.

Exam pass mark: (According to Rajshahi university admission circular) to pass the MCQ exam and another exam student must gain 40% mark separately. Even students must attend on 20 marks written exam after their 80 mark MCQ exam. After passed MCQ and written exam, RU authority may arrange viva exam.

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