Salman shah biography, career, movie, and death

In the history of Bengali movie Salman Shah is a name, this film loves does not forget him with lots of love. Salman was not only an actor but also a changed, who changed the situation of a movie industry. Bengali people knew him as the price of the film.

People still love to watch all those movies he was acting. Her acting skill and lifestyle was like that actor who is from Bollywood or Hollywood. In the article, we discuss the biography of Salman Shah and her career even her death.

Salman shah full biography

Salman shah biography, career, movie, and death

Salman shah biography, career, movie, and death

The hero of Bengali movie, Salman Shah was born 19th September of 1971, at Zakiganj of Sylhet. Her mother name is Nila Chowdhury. Salman was not her real name. His actual name is Shahriar Chowdhury Emon. After keeping the love of Bollywood actor Salman Khan, he changes her name. He is the elder’s son of her family.

In personal life, Shahriar Chowdhury Emon was a brilliant student. He was a student at Arab mission school and complete her SSC from here. In her HSC life, he was admitted to Adamji cantonment public college. And he completes her graduation from Maleka Science College what is the state on Dhanmondi. At the time of leisure, he was like to write letter or diary. Few of persons are unique on media industry now a day.

Her lifestyle was pretty similar to a hero from Bollywood. He uses Toyota car. Even he have most of the unique style, what is next time followed by few top level Bollywood actor. Like wear a different type cap, tight bandana on head, etc. all of her fashion are also still touch her fans heart. He got married to Samira Huq at 1992 in Dhaka.

Salman shah career, acting and movies

He starts her acting career from TV serial. Shaikotey Sharosh is the 1st TV series on Salman Shah career. At the time of 1988, he was acting on the serial as character “RABBI.” There are 27 films and 8 TV series that he worked. Her first movie was Keyamot theke Keyamot, and it was achieved a lot of love. Still, people are going to the cinema hall and watch the movie with due love for their favorite actor.

Most of her films, Shabnoor and Moushumi was acted as co-artist. Buker Bhetor Agun is her last movie before death. Most of her movies become succeed with her fans love. No other actor in Bangladesh, who have gained that much love of her fans. Even it is also rare in Bollywood also.

List of her movies: here I give the list of those movies, what was acted by Salman Shah (Shahriar Chowdhury Emon).

Release year Movie / film name Her role as Actress of the movie
1993 Keyamot Theke Keyamot Raj Moushumi
1994 Tumi Amar Akash Shabnur
1994 Ontore Ontore Shan Moushumi
1994 Shujon Shokhi Alam Kiran Shabnur
1994 Bikkhov Anik Shabnur
1994 Sneho Anwar Moushumi
1994 Prem Juddho Raja Lima
1995 Denmohor Sarowar Moushumi
1995 Konna dan Srabon Lima
1995 Shopner Thikana Shumon Shabnur
1995 Anjuman Foysal Shabnaz
1995 Moha Milon Shantto Shabnur
1995 Asha Bhalobasha Akash Shabnaz
1996 Bichar Hobe Shujon Shabnur
1996 Ei Ghar Ei Shongshar Mintu Lima
1996 Priyojon Jibon Shilpi
1996 Tomake Chai Shagor Shabnur
1996 Shopner Prithibi Masum Shabnur
1996 Sotyer Mrittu Nei Joy Shahnaz
1996 Jibon Songshar Shobuj Shabnur
1996 Mayer Odhikar Robin Shabnaz
1996 Chaowa Theke Paowa Shagor Shabnur
1997 Prem Piyashi Hridoy Shabnur
1997 Shopner Nayok Raju Shabnur
1997 Shudhu Tumi Akash Shama
1997 Ananda Ashru Dewan Khasru Shabnur
1997  Buker Bhetor Agun Agun Shabnur

Each movie of Salman Shah life have become super hits, and even her movie directors are also loved to do work with her. Most of the time he writes the letter to her director and her friends.

Salman shah death and the saddest part of Bangla movie history

As usual, Death is the last seen of her life. 6th September of 1996 is the day. All of the movie lover and that person who are related with Bangla movie, are crying for the actor. The time of early morning of the day, peoples found himself in her house as death. According to most of the witness, her wife Samira Huq kills Salman. But there is no strong logic with the news. Police are also unable to find out the actual news.

Whatever happen, Salman’s fans does not care. Salman Shah still alive on her fans heart, of course as a prince. We the BDcircularline family remember the hero with due respect.

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