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Dhaka attack movie, songs, trailer and story

Dhaka attack movie, songs, trailer and story

The Dhaka attack movie is about the smart police agency of Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh are used to with a police force who are interlinked with corruption. Those people have no sense that there is another smart police team in Bangladesh who have done there all of the work scientifically and with of smartness. The police family of Bangladesh is helping directly to make the film. On the Dhaka attack trailer people will show the most accepted Bangladeshi hero Arefin shove as a police inspector. ABM shumon and actress mahia mahi will also act here as co-actor of Arefin shuvo.

Dhaka attack full movie and story

The Dhaka attack movie has the main context that, making an awareness of the people who really have no idea how smart Bangladeshi police department now. More than 90% element like guns, dress-up, and action will really what was use at the time of the shooting. Dhaka metropolitan police are directly helping the shooting unit. It is true that it is the commercial movie. But there are not a single movie what was released before like Dhaka attack. It’s a totally different movie with the different story.  Not only entertaining people, they will make awareness on the people. Let’s talk about Dhaka attack story. The story was written by Sani Sarwar. He is a well-known young writer in Bangladesh nowadays. All script and dialogue are also written by Sani.  The film is about a team of the police officer and terrorist. There was a time when few terrorist makes a trap about blasting bomb on the city Dhaka. By anyhow DMP (Dhaka metropolitan police) got the news and they are starting their mission to rescue the citizen. Hero Arefin shuvo is an anti-bomb squad specialist. At the final time of the movie, you will see how they arrest that terrorist. Here mahia mahi act as a crime journalist.

Dhaka attack movie, songs, trailer and story

Dhaka attack movie, songs, trailer and story

Star cast: Dhaka attack film will release from the most Bangladeshi popular banner tiger media limited. The producer of the movie Mohammad Ali Haidar. And the director is the Diponkor Dipon. At the same article, we tell you before that Sani Sarwar is the script and story writer. Most Bangladeshi famous actor Arefin shuvo and ABM shumon are acted on the lead character. As a heroin, you will watch the mahia mahi. Without this there is few real police member of Bangladesh police force are also acting on the film. Actually, this is the interesting point of the whole discussion.

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Dhaka attack movie songs full free

At the culture of the Bangladeshi and Indian movie, songs are a compulsory part. All song of this movie is composed by Adit. Here I want to add few thing. That Adit is one of the popular musicians in Bangladesh. Lots of popular musics are produced by this talented artist. Before this film, he was composing music for Arefin shuvo’s another film Agni. Without Adit, Arindam Chatterjee, and DJ Rahat also works for making music for the move Dhaka attack. By anyhow there published a rumor that Indian singer Arijit sing will also keep participate to sing a song here. Let’s see what will happen.

Dhaka attack trailer and release date

In the min time, there was a Dhaka attack trailer was released on YouTube a few days ago. The length of the trailer of is 1.03 min. but the small video gain lots of praise at the quick time. From the focus of BDCircularline.com, the cinematography of the trailer is really awesome. The color, lighting are really outstanding. People are also giving the positive review for this. The final trailer will release soon. But the Dhaka attack movie will release soon at 17-03-2016. The total team started their work for the movie from the ending time of 2015. Hope it will be able to make the different image of Bangladesh police force to people. Here an additional information is, this is the third movie of Shuvo and Mahi combination.

Conclusion: Bangla cinema was lost her own flow lots of days ago. Hope movie like Dhaka attack will make another golden period of this history. On behalf of our website, we wish all the best for the film. And don’t forget to enjoy Bijoy dibosh.

Shikari Bangla movie | full trailer, story, star cast and songs Information

Shikari Bangla movie full trailer, story, star cast and songs Information

Bangladeshi superstar Shakib khan already starts to work for her next movie Shikari. Importantly it is the first indo-Bangla joint venture movie of Shakib khan’s career. And that’s why he handle the movie very specially. The movie will release 2 different times in 2 different countries (Bangladesh and India). At the time of EID festival (July 6, 2016) the movie will release on Bangladesh. But in India, the movie will not release at same time. The movie will release on August 2, 2016, on Tollywood. In this article, we describe all about Shikari Bangla movie full trailer, story, song, star cast.

Shikari Bangla movie full story, trailer, and plot

Shikari Bangla movie full trailer, story, star cast and songs Information

Shikari Bangla movie

The English form of “shikar” is the hunt. On the movie, there is a character named sultan and he was an assassinator. Once a time he was hired for killing a political person. On the mission, he has entered the arena of the political person. For the reason of murder, he enters the place as a gardener. After he having the job he started to do her mission continue. The mission like a journey. On the journey, there are action, comedy, and romance. Totally it is a bundle of entertainment.

Already the trailer and teaser of the movie have released. After releasing the trailer of shikari, fans of Shakib khan and Srabanti Chatterjee are accepted it with joy. The teaser has 1.00-minute duration with digital music system. The trailer is added below.

Star cast of Bangla movie Shikari

First of all, as a Bangla movie shikari movie is a big budget movie. 45 million taka or 580,000 USD already invest for the movie. Joydip Mukherjee and Zakir Hossain directed the movie. Most of the shutting have done in India. Indraadip Dasgupta is the music composer and music director of the film director. Eskay Movies and Jaaz Multimedia cover the film together. The star cast is given below as a table.

Working/act as Person
Sultan (hero) Shakib khan
Actress Srabanti Chatterjee
Villain Rahul Dev
Director Joydip Mukherjee & Zakir Hossain
Producer Abdul Aziz and Himanshu Dhanuka
Music Indradeep Dasgupta
Script Pele Bhattacharya & Abdullah Zahir Babu
Camera Tuban

Shikari full movie with HD, mp4 and other version

The movie shikari will release on Bangladesh at the time of EID. After releasing the film we will collect the movie for you. You can receive the film, you can Check it from our collection.

All Songs of the film Shikari

Still there one song has released of the movie named Harabo Toke. Of course, it is an amazing song, not only that. The music video also changes the total idea about Shakib khan. Her new look and body language must me impressed also her haters. A lots of expectation from those songs. Stay with our site. We will present you other mp3 songs of the same album as early as possible.

Hope the movie will gain success from both angels of public love even commercially. All of you are really welcome to watch Shikari Bangla movie from the hall.

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